Trying London’s most Instagrammable dish at Honi Poké

Poké, the Hawaiian answer to sushi, has been riding a food-trend wave right across from LA to London (via New York, of course) and has landed on terra firma in Dean Street, Soho.


Honi Poké is the brainchild of friends and business partners Vladimir and Kosta, with a menu created by Michelin-starred chef Richard de la Cruz. It’s fast become a favourite lunch haunt for locals and tourists alike, both for its fresh and zingy flavours and, undoubtedly, its inherent Instagrammableness. Already, Honi Poké’s regular clientele are claiming addiction to the dish.

The menu is nice and straightforward – choose your base (sushi rice, brown rice, or salad leaves), choose your protein, choose your garnish, choose your sauce. Bosh. They also have a selection of signature dishes, including the classic Ahi Poké dish (with tuna or salmon sashimi) as well as a veggie version and a torched octopus twist on the classic style. Keep your eyes peeled for specials, which pop up from time to time – like the crab and yuzu or the spicy tuna tartare.



All the ingredients are freshly-prepared on the premises, and are guaranteed to set your mouth alight with zingy spice and mellow umami in equal measures. There are so many toppings, garnishes and options to choose from, we reckon you could come in every day for a month and eat a different lunch every time. We were particularly excited by the salted mango garnish – while Hawaiian Poké often uses pineapple, the team at Honi have craftily engineered a mellower sweetness with this combination. The sauces are also delicious – ask nicely and they might let you try a bit of each.

We The Food Snobs x

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