The Official Top 100 London Street Eats

100 Top Street Food Traders London

Here at We The Food Snobs, we love fine dining as much as the next foodie but we also have a soft spot for street food, with many lunchtimes spent at KERB or weekends down at Street Feast and Hawker House. With this in mind, we couldn’t help but get involved when asked to comment on our top street food traders for Chilli Sauce‘s Top 100 Street Eats.

Angela Malin, Editor at About Time Magazine,  was asked to comment on the developing movement of street eats in London. She stated that it was “a distinctly American trend” and that “we used to look longingly over the pond with envy at New York’s trendy food scene, with their dessert trucks and flea markets, brimming with local produce and juicy, mustard-slathered burgers. Fast forward a few years and I seriously think London could give New York a run for its money in the street food scene. Fine dining is out, it’s dining fine.

We have amazing food markets, such as KERBBorough Market and Spitalfields, as well as ever-popular weekend street food markets, such as Street FeastReal Food Festival and Hawker House. Bucking the trend of ‘single item’ menus in London, there are fantastic one-off street food extravaganzas, such as Meatopia, Vegfest and The Real Ale Festival. These festivals represent a new style of eating in London; we’re moving faster, wanting more, hungry for experience and things to Instagram. We want to try bites of everything, tastes of London’s best producers and innovators.”

And we could’t agree with Angela more. It really is a flourishing scene and one that we are extremely passionate about. We just wish we had more time in the weekend to experience everything the London street food scene has to offer. For now though, we suggest you get started on ticking off this indulgent list of incredible street eats! Let us know whether anything’s been missed and how many you’ve sampled so far!


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