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A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to the coast to check out The New Club. We’d heard news that their burgers were rivalling those of London and we thought we’d better pop down and check this out for ourselves. Plus it’s only a short trip to Brighton from the city and one well worth on a hot sunny day. When we made it to The New Club we could’t believe how packed it was. The burger trade was obviously booming in Brighton and people were getting a taste for prime patties.

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The New Club was created with the “idea of combining an independent coffee house with a stylish NYC eatery – the place to grab a morning coffee or enjoy a relaxing breakfast, have a quick bite of lunch at the counter, or share a few dishes and cocktails with friends in the evening.” And it’s definitely the sort of environment we could see ourselves frequenting if we made the move South. Similar to the joints you find in Shoreditch, we felt very at home and the service was spot on!

Flicking through the menu, there is an abundance of food and drink to choose from, maybe too many if that’s even possible! We hit the cocktails first whilst browsing the main dishes, with the Pornstar Martini being a particular favourite! It’s fresh, fruity and served with a shot of champagne for a glamorous finish.

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We were here to sample the burgers though and quickly set about our mission. Dirty Burgers in fact and critically acclaimed ones at that. It consisted of a medium rare beef patty with hickory smoked onions and bacon relish, Monterey Jack, salad, pickled cabbage, gherkins, house sauce and that all important brioche bun! It certainly lived up to it’s name, covering our hands in delicious burger juice from the off and calling for many a napkin. The meat was perfectly cooked with a rare core that melted on the palate. The house sauce combined with the burger juice to form a sweet smokey syrup and the pickles provided a delightful crunch!

In terms of critical acclaim, we can see why people are raving about it. Brighton obviously doesn’t have the same culture of burger fiends as the capital but this burger definitely deserved the same attention. Paired with a pot of mac & cheese, you can’t go wrong!

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If you’re still feeling the need for an extra course of indulgence, The New Club have a great set of desserts to choose from. The Oreo Brownie Sundae is up there with the best of them too. Delivered with a shot of molten chocolate, it’s a great combo of hot and cold and makes for a seriously good mouthful!

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If you’re heading to Brighton for a weekend getaway or just the day trip for the sun and sea, be sure to check in to The New Club. Not only do they create incredible comfort food but the head chef is all for supper clubs, where he can use the platform to display his finer cuisine. We sneaked a look at a sample menu and what we saw looked pretty enticing! Be sure to enquire before you head down.


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