The Cocktail Village, Spitalfields

Spitalfields’ Cocktail Village has become a bit of a Glastonbury for mixed drinks; a sprawling hub of gins and spritzes, tonics and rums, juices and hardcore vodka, and those who are passionate about all of the above.


As all good nights should, our evening at The Cocktail Village begins with G&Ts. The ‘G’ is Tanqueray, teaming up with Aqua Shard to create a jolly little garden centre-style terrace, full of wheelbarrows, plants and dishy mixologists (what, they don’t have those in your local B&Q?) We share two different takes on the good-old gin and tonic, a refreshing grapefruit number and a feisty one that comes with its own magic potion bottle of English punch (with Tanqueray, Aperitif Wine, Cacao, English Breakfast Tea, Strawberry, Absinthe and Lime… phewf!)

Tanqueray No. TEN future martini

Next, we stray away from the traditional order of (boozy) service with an early espresso martini by Ketel One Vodka Kitchen. Like any good espresso martini, they’re basically liquid crack, zinging you awake and sending you slightly, delightfully mad. But these martinis are also more subtle than most, with the addition of flavours like flakes of salted caramel, citrus peels and lavender (shouldn’t work, but it does).

We’re now slightly unsteady on our feet, and weaving through the crowd is proving tricky. Luckily, we’re whisked upstairs to a special mezzanine, overlooking the whole Cocktail Village. Fever Tree had created this private spot to show off their all their mixes. Our favourite? A 12 year old Appleton Estate rum mixed with spiced orange ginger ale. Mmmmm.

As well as all these delicious drinks, World Class Edit shook up the snootier side of cocktail drinking with immersive fun experiences – there was a Ketel One vodka and Bulleit Frontier Whiskey showdown, a Michelin-starred supper, and Crystal Maze-style escape games with Fever Tree.

At the end of a hard night’s drinking, we looked down and toasted the 26,000 people who attend London Cocktail Week each year. Keep drinking London, you louche lot.



We The Food Snobs x

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