The Bell & Brisket!

With another instalment of KERB merely hours away, yes it is that important of an event in my week that a countdown is required, I have decided to treat you to a quick glimpse of one of the more frequent visitors to the Gherkin site.

The Bell & Brisket is a big name amongst the street food revolution and for good reason. They create amazing combinations of succulent salt beef and tangy pickles piled high with cheese and a good helping of mustard, all wrapped up in a Brick Lane Bagel!

When I arrived at KERB I was hankering for a salt beef fix and quickly joined the familiar queue that follows these guys no matter where they go. After studying the board I settled on the The Old Timers, which is the signature bagel filled as described above.

Other options include The Lord Rupert, Blue Rupert, The Mavericks & Kimchi. All are a different combination of salt beef with pickles, blue cheese, cheddar, salsa verde, pickled cabbage & beetroot & horseradish. They even serve micro brewed ales at certain locations!

The great thing about KERB is not only do you have a great amount of choice week in week out but the food is made fresh before your very eyes while you wait.

Cracking out the blowtorch for the perfect melted cheese!

The final product is a gorgeous stack of juicy salt beef that melts in your mouth as soon as it hits the palate. The gherkin was crunchy and worked perfectly with the mustard to produce a mouth watering bite that soon led to the bagel being devoured in moments. The Brick Lane bagel really lived up to its hype and worked as a soft stodgy shell to contain the big mounds of salt beef covered in melted cheese.  All in all it was a beautiful sight to behold and an even better taste.

The result is another noteworthy trader that demands your attention and should get you shelving the standard soup and salad lunches and running down to your nearest KERB spot with your cash ready for a taste sensation. It is treats like this that keeps me coming back every week and I really can’t wait for the clock to strike 12 noon on a Thursday so I can get my foodie fix!

Get yourself to The Bell & Brisket at the earliest opportunity and get ready for a delicious mouth watering moment full of the street scene’s finest salt beef!


We The Food Snobs x

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