Pink Pigeon Rum Mauritian Sunday Lunch

Pink Pigeon Rum recently invited me to a little event held at Bedford & Strand in partnership with the amazing Yummy Choo Eats. Pink Pigeon is a delicious vanilla infused rum from Mauritius with hints of citrus and sweet orchid petals and we were here for a little Mauritian feast with a good drop of Pink Pigeon to go with it. Selina Periampillai (Yummy Choo Eats) is a self-taught cook who hosts the popular ‘Yummy Choo’ supper club at her home in Croydon, specialising in Mauritian homecooked cuisine, and her website has become a ‘go to’ page for Mauritian inspired recipes and food reviews. She has even been featured in The Guardian Cook Supplement, Croydon Advertiser, Good Food Guide, Delicious magazine, Your Source Today, Food Network and Berkeley Magazine.

On arrival we were presented with a smooth Vanilla Daiquiri made with Lime, Orange Bitters and Gomme Syrup. It was delicious and refreshing and the perfect opener to the afternoon’s events.

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

I took my seat with my Daiquiri and began to peruse the menu to see what surprises were in-store!

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

The opening dish was one of my favourites with a combination of Gateau Piment Chilli Balls, Aubergine Fritters, Green Papaya with Fresh Coriander  Satini & Tomato Chutney. The aubergine fritters were a real highlight, I could have eaten a whole bowl full of these! It was followed by a street food inspired Mauritian/Chinese Spiced Boulette Poisson & Chou Chou Soup.

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

The next dish was the one I was really looking forward to. The Mauritian Goat Cari Roti Wrap was succulent tender and full of flavour. A mini fresh roti, filled with fabulous Mauritian goat curry and vegetable achar de legumes (pickled vegetables). It was incredibly light too, perfect for a five course taster menu when you don’t want to be feeling too full too soon!

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

The fourth course of the evening consisted of a Chicken La Daube, served with a Fish Vindaye,  Basmati Cinnamon and Cardamom Spiced Rice,  Mauritian Salad & Chutneys. Sadly I got a little ahead of myself and dug into the dish before I had remembered to take a picture.

Before pudding was served, another Pink Pigeon Rum cocktail was delivered to the table as a little palate cleanser. This time we were treated to a Pink Pigeon Rum with Watermelon and Ginger. As you can imagine, the addition of fresh watermelon juice made this one incredibly fresh and light.

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

The best was definitely saved for the final course though. Selina had really out done herself with the dessert course and even managed to use a healthy dose of Pink Pigeon in her Rum Bananas dish, served on Brioche with Coconut Creme & Crumble. Simply put, it was divine! An exquisite finale that rounded off a great celebration of Mauritius food and drink.

Pink Pigeon & Yummy Choo Eats Mauritian Lunch

Fancy a bit of the Pink Pigeon action for yourself? Why not head down to Bedford & Strand now! They’ve just launched their new menu for the festive season and are fully stocked with Pink Pigeon for all your rum needs!


We The Food Snobs x


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