London Cocktail Week


London Cocktail Week once again brought together the great and the good of London’s mixologist scene for the seventh year running. With more events on than ever before packed into a week long celebration, we took a trip around London to check out the best there was to offer. Here are our top picks from London Cocktail Week 2016:

1. The London Cocktail Week Village
A massive Cocktail Village took over Old Spitalfields Market for the week, hosting an impressive 40 bespoke pop-up bars, trucks, vans and even bicycles from the biggest names in drinks. They served up contemporary twists on old favourites while creating some of their own speciality drinks.

2. World Class House
For the 7th year running, London Cocktail Week and World Class brought back the ultimate luxury drinking experience for a week-long party at the World Class House. Run by world-class bartenders, this multi-story immersive pop-up in the heart of Piccadilly Circus offered some of the best cocktails made from the finest spirits.

3. Tia Maria + Coffee Project
Who knew there was more to coffee cocktails than the espresso martini? Baristas and mixologists came together to expand our cocktail knowledge with some utterly delicious caffeine-filled cocktails.

4. Auchentoshan’s cocktails and masterclasses
Set up in the Cocktail Village, Auchentoshan, the ‘distilled different’ city malt from Glasgow served its unique beer cocktail for all whisky novices and anoraks alike. The Auchentoshan & Ale cocktails are products of their successful collaborations with four different London breweries. This was one for the more adventurous whisky enthusiasts.

5. Jim Bean and Bodean’s
London’s Original BBQ Smokehouse and the World’s No.1 Bourbon joined forces to make classic cocktails with Jim Beam favourites while also selling some tasty BBQ sandwiches. We tried a Jim Beam Double Oak cocktail and Bodean’s “Soho Special” – a mix of pork and beef brisket with a very special BBQ sauce made with Jim Beam Double Oak.

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