Grey Goose vodka and artisan chocolate – an event that sold itself

Up at Kensington Roof Gardens (a Moroccan oasis in the sky… apart from the drizzle), Grey Goose has partnered with Master Chocolatier Paul A. Young for an immersive screening of ‘Chocolat’. If you’ve ever drooled over the scene where Juliette Binoche serves up a sweet and savoury cocoa feast to her neighbours, you can imagine where they got the inspiration for this night.


After a welcome cocktail of the a-little-bit-too-drinkable Le Fizz (Grey Goose, St. Germain elderflower liqueur with lime and soda), my guest and I chatted and stole truffles from the two chocolatiers in the corner. The smell of them tempering, rolling and decorating chocolates was too much for us to resist, even though dinner was moments away. The award-winning sea salted caramel chocolate was particularly tasty, with a giant splodge of liquid caramel dribbling out of the centre as you bit into it.

We were stopped in the middle of our theft to move onto the main chocolate feast. A salted chocolate ganache on miniature toasts started the meal. It was comforting and classic at the same time, like a refined Nutella on toast with the salt lifting it to a savoury treat. Next was the traditional Basque dish of quail in chocolate sauce. The quail was tender, perfectly paired with the rich chocolate sauce and buttery mashed potato.

To end, a French dining tradition of Grey Goose Cafe Gourmand – four bespoke espresso Martinis (classic, orange, citron and poire) were paired with miniature chocolate pastries. They were all rich and creamy, but without the heaviness that sometimes pollutes an espresso martini. I preferred the classic and the pear, while my guest liked the orange and citron. For full pleasure, make sure you always share chocolates with someone with opposite taste.

We then sat in the fairy-lit garden to watch Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp and Judi Dench eat as much chocolate as we had (but with ever so slightly less vodka).


Cafe Gourmand is a wonderfully refined and tasteful way to end a meal, while still gorging on vodka and chocolate. It should be employed at all dinner parties immediately.


Try Grey Goose Cafe Gourmand ‘sip and snack’ dessert and cocktail combos for yourself throughout London Cocktail week, or try the recipes for the Grey Goose espresso Martinis and Le Fizz yourself – link here



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