God Save The Gin

Night Tales God Save The Gin


‘God Save The Gin’ bar is brought to you by Shake, Rattle and Stir in co-­operation with BULLDOG Gin. God Save The Gin is about to help Night Tales explode into the festive season with defiantly delicious BULLDOG Gin winter cocktails.

Taking over the Mezzanine from the hands of Mezcaleria Quiquiriqui;  God Save the Gin has been inspired by the new wave of gin distilleries doing something a little bit different from the norm. Featuring BULLDOG Gin, the modern gin, for a new gin generation.

They will be serving up the finest well crafted seasonal BULLDOG Gin cocktails infused with spices and festive sugars alongside a twist on some of the old classics, such as; The Bulldog Gin Bramble and the insanely tasty ‘Hot Mulled Porter’ (this will blow your mind). If this isn’t enough for you then why not try the ‘Live Fast Die Young’ shot which is the fuel to burn baby burn! Lets get this party season started!

Shake, Rattle and Stir aim to invigorate all the senses with a Bulldog London Dry Gin bar like no other. So come on down and get ready to get your lips around some of this beauties!

God Save The Gin

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