Flat Iron’s One Night Only At Ember Yard

Ember Yard

A couple of weeks ago we headed to one of our favourite restaurants for a truly special night. The location was Ember Yard, the fourth restaurant from the famous Salt Yard Group and the masters of Spanish and Italian cooking over charcoal.  The reason we were here though was to sample the incredible collaboration menu created in partnership with Flat Iron.

Ember Yard

The premise for the evening was a menu feature ten different cuts of Dexter breed beef, from Flat Iron’s very own herd in Yorkshire. They were offering guests the opportunity to try rare and lesser known parts of the animal. The 34 month old pedigree Dexter selected for the event had been on a bespoke finishing diet of barley, molasses and beer for the last nine months and was butchered in Flat Iron’s restaurant on Denmark Street. Chef director Ben Tish and head chef Jacques Fourie of Ember Yard worked with Flat Iron to experiment with a variety of techniques such as smoking and grilling to prepare the unusual cuts of meat.

Ember Yard have a really impressive wine list and we thought we’d choose something that we’d partner this meaty feast with a delicious bottle of red. We decided on the Selva Capuzza Gropello as it was described as elegant and soft with bramble fruits- similar to a Pinot Noir and we do enjoy a Pinot Noir!

Obviously with the night being a one off, we wanted to try as much of the menu as possible. We started with Crispy Smoked Brisket Croquettes, accompanied by a Thyme and Shallot Aioli. These were packed full of succulent pulled brisket meat that melted in the mouth. The aioli was the perfect addition to, slathered on and melting together with the brisket to form one delicious mouthful. If only there were more!

Ember Yard Flat Iron

Then came the beautifully tender Slow Cooked Short Rib & Beef Shin with Wild Mushroom Polenta & Cavolo Nero and the incredible Chargrilled Dexter Mixed Grill with Smoked Butter and Romesco! Both were simply faultless. The short rib consisted of delicious chunks of beef that literally fell apart on the plate, made even better with the addition of the mushroom polenta. The dish of the night though was most certainly the Mixed Grill though. The char that they had created on the meat in the grilling process was literally perfect, providing a beautiful smokey flavour but still maintaining a super juicy cut of meat.

Flat Iron at Ember Yard

This was definitely up there  with our top menus sampled in the capital, we’re just sad that it was only around for one night. Ember Yard continues to be one of our favourite restaurants but this was an excellent example at just what happens when you put creative chefs and restaurants together in a room to see what they produce. We’ll definitely be keeping our ears pricked for more news on the next night they put on. If you hear before us, let us know, we NEED to go!


We The Food Snobs x

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