I shall keep this brief as the pictures are the real treat! Thanks to the guys at London Pop-Ups, who are quickly becoming one of my favourite sites to follow, I attended the opening night of the much talked about FEAST. Every week they fill my Twitter feed with updates on the coolest events going on in London and this was by far one of the most anticipated on the foodie calendar. FEAST is a four day celebration of London’s greatest chefs and a good helping of the capital’s street food ambassadors. It promised some huge names from both sides of the industry and I couldn’t wait to see what they were all going to bring to the table.  It was held at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, a huge site of cavernous tunnels, which was set up perfectly for an incredible night of dining!

I met my housemate at Wapping station and headed for the old dock. Arriving early to make the most of the bar before the expected crowds descended.

The feasting hall awaited adorned in a purple and puce glow.

We made our way straight to Henry’s for a couple of London Pale Ales courtesy of Meantime Brewery.

The stalls looked amazing and the smells wafting from each one really started getting the mouth watering.

It was great to see some familiar faces from the Gherkin KERB spot!

The guys at Big Apple Hot Dogs were doing a FEAST special. “Take it by the INCH!” custom sized dogs at £1 for every inch you want.

Patty & Bun had brought their legendary burgers to the show and had created a special as a tribute to Ron Jeremy haha! It was named The Sexy Beast.

Piled high with cheese, kimchi, hot sauce, pickled cucumbers and the all important smokey P&B mayo. It sounded too good to miss so we ordered two to start the night off with a big meaty bang!

Big Ron keeping an eye on proceedings.

It was a good call getting these in early as they were run off their feet later in the night with huge crowds jostling to get a piece of the action.

Even with the lid shut you knew it’s going to be a messy affair!

The Sexy Beast in all his glory! Unlike Ron though, this could be enjoyed before the watershed!

Surprise surprise, it was a taste sensation and was the perfect opener to the night. If the night had ended after that we would have been satisfied. Super juicy and medium rare with a delicious combination of smokey mayo and spice it was definitely worthy of its name and maybe even a spot on the full time menu!

After cleaning ourselves up we continued around the dock in a post-P&B daze looking for our next source of grub.

The place was really buzzing now!

Then we stumbled across Anna Mae’s Mac And Cheese spot. The signage was awesome and the names of the dishes even better. They sell pimped up mac’n cheese and it looked well worth a punt!

We decided to share a pot of Kanye Western!

Look at all that gold!

The pot was full of chunks of hot dog, housemade BBQ sauce and the incredible mac’n cheese!

We then ventured back to the bottom floor, realising that soon we would be full so the next choices were extremely important!

We knew Dishoom were here so hunted down their stall. The queues were pretty big but the Lamb Raan Buns sounded like the perfect dish to contrast the flavours we’d already tried earlier.

It was delicious, succulent and light. The spice built throughout and was a great finish to the savoury round.

Luckily we had spotted Waffle On as we browsed the stalls earlier and made sure we had saved enough space to come back for the final dish of the night.

We both went for the Chocolate Sauce with Popping Candy.

The waffles were freshly made as we waited and were in high demand.

The chocolate sauce was thick and rich and the popping candy was an interesting addition. I’m not usually a fan but it actually worked quite well!

After stuffing our faces and having room for no more we set our sights on home. However as we walked towards the exit we noticed a sign in a quiet corner with the words “PING TRON” on it. As we got closer we heard the distinctive sound of table tennis and also a slight glow coming from a dark room. We both looked at each other and said “surely not?” and were amazed to find one of the coolest creations ever!

UV Ping Pong!

Luckily it was off the beaten track so there were no queues! We jumped on straight away.

It was absolutely brilliant and soon people were arriving to watch. Also because it was pitch black, you couldn’t see people giving you evil eyes for not getting off the table so we went on for ages!

If you are lucky there may still be tickets for Sunday evening’s FEAST and if there are you should definitely be buying one! The night was a terrific success, we were even tempted to go back again as there were so many amazing looking vendors that we didn’t get to try. My only hope is they don’t wait another year to hold the next FEAST!


We The Food Snobs x

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    This looks amazing!! Gutted to be out of London for this one. Keep us posted for the next instalment!!

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