Dirty Bones Review

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

There are two new words on the lips of West London Foodies right now and they are Dirty Bones! The new hot spot is causing quite a stir, cemented by a four star review from TimeOut. A review that caught me by surprise, as I usually make sure I am in the know of all new openings in the city. However, this is one that slipped through the net and when I had finished reading the TimeOut review, I knew this was one place I had to get down to and sample for myself. What follows is an account of my evening illustrated by the glorious photography of one of my industry faves, The Gaztronome. All pictures are his and I think you will agree, they are quite spectacular.

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

The entrance to Dirty Bones is just a short walk from High Street Ken. It isn’t the most obvious of doorways if you’re not sure what you are looking for but once you find it, you’ll be amazed at what you find in the basement level below. Step inside and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that you’d got off at Walthamstow and stepped into Chris Bracey’s “God’s Own Junkyard”. Giant neon lettering spells out Dirty Bones, flanking the stairs as you make your descent to the bar, grabbing the eye and also causing a little traffic on the stairs as instagramers and tweeters try to get the perfect shot. The interior follows on from the neon-bathed stairway, dimly lit and on-trend with a buzzing atmosphere. Award-winning British designer Lee Broom has created a retro diner feel, complete with a  with a slight shabby chic finish. It all works really well, especially with the addition of little details, such as the numerous old super 8 cameras and nostalgia. The hostess table has even been fashioned from a vintage pinball machine.

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

Before we took our seats we were shown to the bar and indulged in a few of their great tasting cocktails. My favourite of the few that we tried was The Littlest Hobo. A mix of Bombay Sapphire, Lemon Juice, Passion Fruit Syrup & Wyld Wood Cider! Other noteworthy concoctions were the Mutt’s Nuts – Woodford Reserve, Cinnamon And Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Lemon & Apple Juices and the Top Dog – Finlandia Vodka, Fresh Strawberry, Chambord and Lemon, Jaio Proseco.

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

As good as the cocktails were, we were here for the chow and were ravenous after a long day at work. A dangerous state indeed when met with a menu like that of Dirty Bones. The main event here is the Hot Dog menu, boasting 6 genius little creations. Spanning from the Classic Yankee to the Kimchi covered Asian and even a Burger Dog. All available (except the burger dog) with either a Beef, Pork or Veggie dog. The creator of the menu, Ross Clarke, has quite an impressive résumé when you consider it boasts a stint in Blumentahal’s Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen!

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

The hot dog menu is available throughout the day from the kiosk at street level. However, they also do plenty of other great dishes for the night time dining too. We started with Grilled & Smoked Pickles, complete with a plume of smoke rising from the jar on first opening. Simple yet delicious and a perfect accompaniment to cocktails while we waited for the main event to arrive.

When reviewing a new restaurant, I always try, where possible, to get a feel for the entire menu. With this in mind, we decided to split a Brit Dog, grab a small portion of Chicken add some Triple Cooked Chips, Mac & Cheese and even a pot of Bourbon Beans on the side!

I loved the Brit Dog! We opted for the Pork variety, to which Treacle Bacon, Mature Beer Cheddar, Curried Gherkins & English Mustard was added. A crazy combination but one that worked so well together, all wrapped up in a fluffy brioche bun. I immediately regretted opting to share one and not going in on one each. Although, spoonfuls of rich and creamy Mac & Cheese in between definitely made up for it. The surprise find though was the Spice Fried Chicken! This stuff was incredible! The skin is perfectly crisp and hardly secretes any grease at all but somehow the chicken is still juicy and tender. Ross told me that they fry it once then put it in a sous-vide for an extended period of time, before tossing it in the flour and spice mix, then frying one final time. The result is some of the best chicken I’ve ever had in London!

Dirty Bones Kensington Review Dirty Bones Kensington Review

After the plates were clean we turned our heads to dessert. I’d seen some pictures of the Milk & Cookies dish before heading down and decided we had to order this! It’s a fun creation with a hot molten chocolate cookie accompanied by a glass of milk ice cream. My favourite thing about the ice cream was that it reminded me of the old Vanilla Mini Milk ice creams I used to eat as a kid. And who doesn’t love a dish with a side of nostalgia?

Dirty Bones Kensington Review

Dirty Bones has definitely been on the lips of a lot of foodies lately and in my opinion, should also be on all of your lists to check out, if you haven’t made it down there yet. It may well be another trendy joint boasting a menu of comfort food, however, their is definitely a premium quality to all the dishes. Research and care has gone into the menus and the same goes for the interior and furnishings. If you love your diner food and fancy some high quality dawgs, get yourselves down to Dirty Bones now!


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