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With technology seemingly creeping into all aspects of our daily lives at the moment, there’s been a huge boom surrounding tech and the way we eat. One example of this is the revolutionising of the term ‘takeaway’. Before, this term used to mean a tasteless chicken burger or a greasy doner kebab covered in garlic mayonnaise, which to be fair, is almost a staple of a good night out. However, with technology came a new breed of takeaway. Services that allowed users to order gourmet meals, or even their favourite restaurants dishes, right to their front door!

Craved is one of those such delivery services and are fairly new to the scene. New doesn’t necessarily mean late to the party though, as I found out when approached recently by the founder, David Voxlin.

David describes Craved as being “grown out of a love for the locally produced. Craved curates small batch food and drink made in London and delivers the most tasty independently produced treats to your door step. We believe in flavour, simplicity, and supporting the people behind the products. The company was inspired by the growing number of small batch producers in Bermondsey where I have lived for the past four years and it combines several of my passions: food, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

Our ambition with Craved is to allow people to discover and access all of the best small batch food and drink made in London. If we can increase the availability of small batch food and the number of producers who make quality food, I hope that in time that will change the way that we think about our communities and the food we eat. That is a small step towards a more sustainable life style, a stronger local economy, and better food.”

Needless to say, We The Food Snobs were intrigued to say the least and decided to sample the service ourselves. We visited the site here and started to work our way through the different delicious options that were available for order, from Cheese to Chocolate and Charcuterie to Coffee & Tea. We created our box in a flash and had it all paid for by noon. The really impressive part of the service though was that before the working day was up, the box had been delivered, arriving via courier only 4 hours after being ordered. Amazing!

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The products were carefully packaged with the addition of ice to keep the everything perfectly chilled.

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We’d gone for a great mix of charcuterie and cheeses, selecting the Howard and Londonshire cheeses from Wildes Cheese plus the Hungarian Paprika & Chili Salami and the Fennel Salami from Cobble Lane Cured. All four being extremely good and of the highest quality.  Highlights were certainly the Fennel Salami, which packed a massive amount of flavour into each slice and the Londonshire, which has since sold out on the site, as it paired beautifully with the spiciness of the Hungarian Salami.

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To wash it all down, we had chosen from the small batch Spirits section and picked a favourite, Kamm & Sons. A British aperitif, created by Alexander Kammerling and brought to our attention through Foxlow’s splendid Elder Statesman cocktail. Foxlow mixes Kamm & Sons with Elderflower & Bitter Lemon to create a really refreshing tipple and that’s exactly what we created at home.

The finale was less of a new experience but one that was guaranteed to hit the spot. A small slab of Paul A Young’s Milk & Sea Salt Chocolate! This stuff is incredibly and indulgent, our only regret was we hadn’t bought more of it!

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Craved is a brilliant idea and we loved getting to know more about our local producers and the delicious produce they create. The service was impeccable too with the fastest delivery known too man and the price is reasonable too, considering the quality of the food you receive. IF you’re passionate about your pantry fillers or love a little bit of cheese or two, you should give Craved a try. We’re really excited to see them grow and will keep a close watch on new treats being added to the site soon!


We The Food Snobs x

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