December 13th will see the opening of Tom Ward’s pork-inspired restaurant in one of London’s most popular streets.

Tom, who spent five years as operations manager at Leon, has realised his ambition to create a casual neighbourhood restaurant dedicated to pork.

“Blackfoot is a neighbourhood restaurant, a welcoming place, the type of place where you instantly feel at ease. The food is simple with bold flavours and at times a little bit mischievous. We want to find purveyors and producers of pork from around the UK and bring the best under one roof.” — Tom

He’s partnered up with his ex-colleague Allegra McEvedy and together they have shaped the opening menu. “I’ve always had an emotional attachment to all things porky, so opening a pig-centric restaurant is a bit of a dream come true. No animal has such incredible diversity, and Tom & I have been having tons of fun in the kitchen exploring the full, impressive breadth of what a pig has to offer. The menu is characterful, fun, and not exclusively piggy, bringing together on board other ingredients and flavours that sit well in the face of such porcinicity.” — Allegra


• The long smoke: slow-roasted belly with black treacle and Szechuan pepper

• Half a dozen Cherrystone clams with chilli crackling

• Spare rib steak with fennel, cayenne, garlic

• Mega-nut, leek & thyme burger

• Pulled pork tacos

• Grilled ‘Oxford Sandy & Black’ gammon steak with pineapple

• Monkfish Wellington

• Vietnamese pot belly salad

And at lunchtime, Porchetta will be served hot from the counter, carved up and sandwiched between two slices of bread with a splodge of salsa verde.

This will be a popular opening, so if you like the sound of what they’re selling, you better head down on the 13th as early as possible!



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