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Last week I joined a select group of bloggers for an intimate cocktail party with a unique twist. Alexander & James, a luxury online shopping platform for drinks connoisseurs and gift buyers, unveiled the complete at-home hosting package. As party season gears up, A&J offers to curate the entire home-hosting experience including bespoke glassware, fine spirits, serving suggestions and an expert mixologist to make at-home hosting seamless and extravagant.

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The experts at Alexander & James created five unique packages based on their clients’ most requested experiences and current spirits trends. These packages allow the host to throw and enjoy an impressive party without the stress of organising the details. The party host and their guests simply enjoy A&J’s fine spirits served by one of the UK’s best bartenders.

The Alexander & James mixologist at home packages, which can all be tailored to fit the host’s preferences are:

  • The Vintage collection: This collection toasts the legends behind some of the most famous drinks in cocktail history such as the James Bond Casino Royale inspired Vesper, Orson Wells favourite traditional Italian cocktail Negroni, the legendary Old Fashioned, the Cuban Daiquiri, the original version of the famous Margarita, and the British classic Gimlet. This classic package is sure to appeal to a variety of tastes.
  • Rare finds whisky tasting: Something for whisky lovers – enjoy the rare finds that are available at Alexander & James and get professional instruction to discover the spirits’ legacy and layers of flavour. This experience includes selections such as Rosebank 21 year old, Port Dundas 20 year old, Brora 35 year old, Dalwhwinne 25 year old, John Walker & Sons Odyssey and King George V which recreates the Johnnie Walker blending style of the time of King George V and is made with some of Johnnie Walker’s rarest stocks.
  • Modern craft: This package includes a menu of cocktails for the progressive and adventurous party host. Options here include aged, molecular and atmospheric cocktails. Molecular mixology brings science to the cocktail shaker to create new flavours, textures, and surprising presentations to enhance the overall drinking experience. Atmosphere cocktails play with the five senses to enhance the cocktail experience. Our expert mixologists will build modern craft cocktails that draw on the host’s preference of spirits, flavours and presentation.
  • Tiki tacky: Tiki bars are once again in vogue. This package turns a drab autumn evening into a captivating Tiki party with Mai Tais, Scorpions, the original Zombie and new recipes developed for the host. Served in pineapples, highballs and Tiki mugs. Wall to wall cocktail umbrellas optional.
  • Wildcard: This package allows creative hosts to cater to any audience. The host can determine and set the cocktail menu with the mixologist. From cosmo madness to speakeasy recipes and tequila cocktails, the only limitation is the host’s imagination.

Guests who were lucky enough to attend A&J’s demonstration party were treated to The Vintage Collection, with six fabulous cocktails to choose from. The night started with a bang as the first drink to be released to the party guests was the Vesper Martini, mixing 35ml of Tanqueray Gin with 10ml of Ketel One Vodka, 10ml of Kina Lillet and Lemon Peel for garnish. It was strong, smooth and definitely delivered that James Bond like air of sophistication.

Alexander And James

The Margarita was one of my favourites of the night, extremely refreshing with a combination of Grand Marnier, Don Julio Blanco Tequila & a dash of Lime Juice. This one went down far too easily!

Alexander And James

After indulging in a Gimlet, the on-trend Negroni and a declicious Daiquiri it was time for the final tipple of the evening, The Old Fashioned. Created using a mix of Bulleit Bourbon, Angostura Bitter, 1 Cube of Sugar, 1 Cherry and a slightly charred Orange Slice to add a flavouring of Christmas.

Alexander And James

Alexander And James

The Old Fashioned was the perfect way to finish a really successful evening sampling The Vintage Collection. The Mixologist At Home worked simultaneously with a delicious canapé menu and together they worked as a great backdrop to a night of networking with fellow bloggers and cocktail fans. The service would definitely transform any dinner party into a night for all your guests to remember, adding a touch of sophistication and class to the evening. Personally, I would love to see the Modern Craft package in full swing. If you aren’t aware, molecular mixology offers deconstructions of classic recipes. Imagine a Negroni where the gin and vermouth have been combined in jelly form, with a dusting of dehydrated Campari over the top. The possibilities are only limited by the creativity of the mixologist and the buy-in of the drinker.

Recipes in the package include

  • The Zacapa Madhattan, smoked under a bell jar with apple wood chips
  • Breaky with Ten, a Tanqueray, grapefruit, green tea delight topped with Campari caviar
  • Grape Escape, a Cîroc, grape, lemongrass cocktail topped with lemongrass air which is like a light foam and sprig of rosemary

So what are you waiting for? If you are hosting a party over the festive period or for New Year, make it the greatest party your friends have ever seen with the Mixologist At Home from Alexander & James and blow their socks right off!


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