A fine way to welcome the summer

Our summer vibes multiplied by about 1000% last week thanks to the arrival of a delivery from the Fine Cider Company.


Cider has slowly but surely been undergoing a renaissance over the past decade or so – first, the sticky-sweet and headache-inducing festival favourite Strongbow was ousted by self-proclaimed ‘premium’ labels like Bulmers and Thatchers, then came the Scandi-style fruit ciders. Now, cider is growing up, going back to its roots and getting artisanal, thanks to new kids on the block the Fine Cider Company.

Run by Felix Nash, the East London-based business is obsessively passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the art and craft that is British cider making – a huge part of this country’s history and certainly underrated as far as our home-made goods are concerned. By hunting out the very finest makers and taking their products to his foodie friends in the heart of London, Felix has breathed new life into the way we look at, and consume, ciders.

We’re particularly fond of the Oliver’s Yarlington Mill Fine Cider – scrumpy on the nose, with a deliciously crisp, dry-yet-slightlycaramel-y apple flavour and delicate fizz. Utterly quaffable, and even better paired with sunshine.


In the words of 19th Century New Yorker and cider maker J.M. Trowbridge – “Good cider is a much greater rarity than good wine”. This may be true, but the Fine Cider company certainly isn’t short of the good stuff.

Drinks can be ordered from their website, or, if you want to try before you bulk-buy, we recommend heading to the sunny terrace at The Marksman for a taste.



We The Food Snobs x

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