2015 Drinks Trends from Martin Miller’s Gin

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Here at We The Food Snobs, we’re always looking for the latest trends, whether it be food, restaurants, cocktails or bars. We’re always open to new flavours and constantly push to be at the front of the queue when the city is launching something new. That’s why we were interested to see what Martin Miller’s Gin had to say about the way the cocktail scene was shaping up for 2015. We’re huge fans of Martin Miller’s. It’s a smooth and delicate spirit, which we can happily enjoy neat over ice. However, it’s versatility makes it ideal for experimentation. As you saw from our Twitter and Instagram, we indulged in their Valentine’s Day special serve, the San Francisco. Created with 50ml of Martin Miller’s and then mixed with blueberries, tarragon leaves and finished with a citrus twist, it’s a flavoursome and smooth serve with plenty of punch. But now that cupid’s bow has been packed away for another year, what else can we expect to find shaken and stirred in our drinks?

San Francisco Cocktail Martin Millers Gin

With the cocktail world continuously evolving, Jacob Ehrenkrona, from Martin Miller’s Gin, shared a snapshot of the key trends that we can expect to see. As ever, the best quality ingredients are the vital component of any cocktail serve, but fast forward to where aesthetics, serve show, and delivery of the drink will be as important as taste to those sitting the other side of the bar.

Gin 2.0

Bars are starting to upgrade their house pour to a more premium gin, in the U.S. Jacob says, ‘In the past two months a significant number of establishments in New York have switched up to more premium gins such as Martin Miller’s. It’s a trend we expect to follow suit in the UK next year, as consumers become more aware of the quality of gins now available.’

Jacob expects we’ll also be seeing more experimentation when it comes to mixing with the spirit in 2015, including the use of different garnishes which Martin Miller’s Gin has pioneered with the likes of the chilli and coriander leaf G&T. The gin category will also see more botanicals infused at the point of serve to showcase the ingredients within the gin.

Martin millers gin

Bottled cocktails

Already a hit with the likes of White Lyan, we’re going to be seeing a rise in bottled cocktails, with a focus on quality. Meaning although we’re losing some of the showmanship from cocktail creation, they are quick to serve, so we can drink more!

Jacob comments, ‘Bottled cocktails are not just for convenience purposes and quality assurance but they have a fun appeal about them, with a nostalgic throwback to drinking from milk bottles.’

Martin Miller's bottled cocktails

 DIY Cocktails

Those who like to shake up a drink at home, want to do it well, bringing the cocktail experience to life in their own surroundings. ‘Gin drinkers want to create their favourites such as a classic Negroni in the comfort of their home as well as taking cues from their favourite bar tenders. The DIY cocktail trend has really caught on much like the boom in creative home cooking inspired by well-known chefs.’

Just the tonic

It’s not just the gin, it’s the tonic too. With tonic water stepping out of the background with an influx of artisanal varieties, the gin isn’t the only star in a classic G&T. Quality tonics, such as Fever Tree, are leading the reinvention of what used to be just the simple mixer, and the popular artisanal tonic waters have paved the way for smaller brands to step into the limelight. Three quarters of a G&T is the tonic water, so don’t spoil a classic, refreshing drink with a substandard mixer.

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