This October, as part of the annual London Restaurant Festival, Mayfair restaurant Tokimeitē will partner with Suntory Japanese whisky, to host an exclusive ticketed event showcasing the very best of Japanese food and drink. Taking place on Thursday 27th October, guests will be invited to feast on a sixteen course ‘Kaiseki’ menu, specially prepared and hosted by acclaimed Japanese chef, Yoshihiro Murata, accompanied by a selection of rare and refined whiskies from Suntory.


Chef Murata, who holds a total of seven Michelin stars across his three restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo, has created a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, demonstrating the variety of skills and techniques of the cuisine. The menu begins with a selection of assorted starters including: Wagyu kunsei tataki karashi (slow cooked and smoked Wagyu beef served with mustard); Yakisaba-saffron-sushi pinkpepper kikuka-kabu (grilled cured mackerel served with saffron sushi rice, pink pepper and pickled turnip; and Yaki-nasu tsuya-syoga itogaki (char-grilled Japanese aubergine with ginger and dried bonito flakes).

The menu will also feature sashimi, and a selection of nigiri sushi as well as a grilled course of Scottish lobster awayuki gratin truffle (grilled Scottish lobster with truffle merengue) and a main course of Wagyu sirloin ichijikuhayaki (grilled Wagyu sirloin wrapped with fig leaves served with fig and onion). The meal will be rounded off with a dessert of Hoji-cha ice cream tanbaji-matsukaze (Hoji-cha ice cream and Matsukaze cake).



Suntory whiskies were originally created to suit the delicate palate of the Japanese, to enrich their dining experiences. Each whisky has been meticulously selected by Suntory’s Global Brand Ambassador, Mike Miyamoto, to ensure that they complement each dish harmoniously.

From Suntory’s mountain forest distillery is Hakushu. The single malt’s fresh and gentle smoky nature is a natural partner to seafood; Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve has been chosen to pair with the opening assortment of starters, and the Hakushu 12 Years Old with the sashimi platter.

Yamazaki, a deep and multi-layered whisky from Japan’s first and oldest malt distillery, is a wonderful companion to rich, grilled food. The succulent, fruity flavours of Yamazaki 12 Year Old complements the delicate grilled lobster and truffle merengue perfectly. Whilst Yamazaki 18 Year Old’s full-bodied taste profile, contrasted with the mildness of the Hoji-cha ice cream, makes the perfect end to a Japanese dinner.

In addition to this, three specially created whisky-based cocktails will also be available from the end of August until the end of October, including the Sparkling Forest (Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve, homemade Japanese aromatic Oba leaf liqueur, Angostura bitters, Mio Sparkling Sake); Ume Beauty (Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve, Apricot Brandy, Piccon Amar, Oolong tea); and White Flower (Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Lychee Liqueur, Sayuri Sake Nigori, Kewra Floral Essence).

Tickets for the event will be priced at £229 and can be booked by visiting:

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