The Electric Cinema – Notting Hill!

Just a short post for you all today, sadly without food snaps though! Last night I met with my flatmates after work for some serious spoiling in the form of Taqueria and Electric Cinema. Having never visited Notting Hill before I asked the ever informed lady of lifestyle and lunching, @RosieLondoner where was good to go in her neck of the woods.

She pointed me in the direction of a fantastic little Mexican place, which was perfect as it was easy on the wallets and big on the tastebuds! My flatmate and I enjoyed an array of quesadillas, tacos and enchiladas. I opted for the Beer Battered Alaskan Pollock with Chipotle Mayo and the Mexican Chorizo Quesadillas. My flatmate chose the Deep Friend Chicken Tacos and the Pork with Melted Cheese and Coriander Tortillas.

The meal was perfect for satisfying those post-work hunger pains and we devoured them in no time at all. However this was only the starter for the night though. After a quick brewski, we made our way to the main event for the evening and probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to so far since coming to London. This is The Electric Cinema. One of the oldest running cinemas in London and it was a beauty!

We met our other flatmate Belinda and made our way inside for one of the greatest cinema experiences ever! We were here to watch the academy award nominated Lincoln and this seemed like the perfect setting. Sadly though as we walked inside we were greeted with an empty stall where the much talked about Electric Donuts should have been! Instead I had to opt for a tub of salted caramel ice cream, which I must say, did eventually soothe the disappointment.

Then it was time to take our seats or should I say armchairs!! There are also decadent sofas and giant double beds to choose from but we fancied a big soft leather armchair with foot stools and cashmere blankets haha! Very comfy indeed!

Looking far too pleased with myself!

All in all, this place is up there with one of my favourite spots on the London map. If you love cinema and want to treat yourself or a friend to a truly special cinematic experience this place will not disappoint. I don’t think I can ever put up with those carpet seats at regular cinemas ever again now!

Hop on down to The Electric Cinema soon, Lincoln is on till the 7th of February and definitely lived up to all the hype!


We The Food Snobs x

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