The Cheeseworks Fondue Night With Hobbs House!

A short and sweet post for you all today! Yesterday we were browsing our Twitter feed and came across a very interesting post!

Come join us tomorrow evening 6-8pm in store, for some delicious fondue, @HobbsHouse bread and alcohol tastings!”

Having only bought taster sessions for family and friends before, we thought it was time for a slice of the action ourselves! If you’ve never been to The Cheese Works, it’s a great little shop that is full of amazing fine cheeses (both local and foreign), cured meats, chutneys, oatcakes, crackers, breads and much more!

As we entered we were greeted by the most amazing aroma of cheese filling the air. There was a small crowd already there so we browsed some of the shelves before joining the queue.

This was a funny find! Chocolate Fig Salami!

We were then approached by a gentleman from Hobbs House bearing a gift of fresh Pumpernickel bread, which was baked using dried cranberries that gave it a deliciously sweet flavour.

It was our turn to hit up the fondue! Sophie, the manager and creator of the fabulous fondue, explained that she had created it after taking inspiration from an old book she had found.

We fastened a chunk of bread to the end of our skewers and plunged them inside the fondue pot, swirling the bread around till it was covered in gooey¬†cheesy goodness! What did we find?! In the words of Peter Kay “That’s a taste sensation that!” The flavour was amazing. Rich, smooth and tangy due to the added dry white wine, which made up almost half of the recipe (thumbs up!) It really was exquisite and caused us both to simply “Mmmm” and “Ahhh” at the delight of the onlooking staff.

Sophie had kindly created recipe cards for any foodies that wanted to create this magnificent pot of molten cheeses at home! We nabbed two and have already begun putting the wheels in motion for our own little fondue evening!

Not wanting to hog all the cheese we then caught a glimpse of some chorizo and salami samples laid out on a big slab of slate. These were extremely nice and had it not been for their rapid demise by a small hungry Italian lady, we might have pocketed a few for the ride home!

Mark spotted a massive Mountain Gorgonzola on the side and as quick as a flash he was sampling a mouthful! “Delectable and creamy” he proclaimed!

Big thumbs up from Mark!

And another dunk in the fondue for Chris (caught red handed!)

This was a really cool one off event and we were extremely excited to see this happening in Cheltenham. Hopefully other shops will catch on to the idea and we can have more opportunities to meet our local producers and vendors and find out what they are all about!

The Cheese Works are going to be open for late night shopping every Thursday for the Christmas period. If you are looking to buy a cheese lover a great gift this year, definitely enquire about the tasting sessions they put on! A journey through the history of 9 special cheeses and you get to eat a whole load of  it too!


We The Food Snobs x


  • Reply November 30, 2012


    Great commentary, thank you, Food Snobs

  • Reply December 3, 2012


    This looks amazing, will definitely be putting a cheese tasting session here on the christmas list!
    Can I get an invite to your fondue evening too? haha. BIg up the snobs!

  • Reply November 4, 2013

    The CheeseWorks

    Hi Guys

    Just reading the post from last year, it was a great evening. Just to let you know we will be hosting a similar event this year, with Hobbs House bread and Taylor’s Port and the lovely Fondue. Event to be held on Thursday 5th December from 6pm to 8pm.

    Hope to see you there
    The CheeseWorks

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