Anspach&Hobday (HR)

Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers will be teaming up with British craft brewers Anspach & Hobday to create the ‘Story Saison’.

The brew will be available as part of the drinks selection at Restaurant Story (£7 for 330ml), as well as being retailed in the
‘Tap Room’ at the Anspach & Hobday Brewery (£3 for a half pint), in an archway in Bermondsey, London. This will be the first brew created by the team to be sold privately to a restaurant, rather than wholesale to their suppliers across the UK and

Anspach & Hobday share Tom’s passion for seasonal ingredients and carefully constructed flavour combinations, and Tom
said: “I know where every ingredient in my kitchen comes from, because I need to know that everything I use is the best it can be. I wanted to work with a local brewer to make a beer with Story for that reason.” This will be the second time founders Paul Anspach and Jack Hobday have joined forces with Tom Sellers – their award-winning smoked brown ale was paired with Tom’s signature bread and dripping dish for three consecutive years, from Restaurant Story’s opening.

‘Story Saison’ will be a blend of clementine preserves made by the chefs at Restaurant Story, and traditional farmhouse-style
ale brewed by the Anspach & Hobday team. Paul Anspach, the head brewer, commented on the flavour: “The base beer
expresses aromas of spice and citrus fruit driven in a large part by the yeast, and the addition of clementine really elevates
these, adding a huge amount of juiciness to the palate. At 5.5% ABV, and with a smooth, dry finish, the beer is both complex,
but refreshing, and balanced.”

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