Slutty Brownies!

Here’s a quick recipe for some ludicrously good treats that I rustled up in the kitchen today! I am off up North with the family tomorrow so I thought I would bake something special for the trip. I first discovered these in my last year of university, which prompted a drive to Tescos at 1am to fetch ingredients to make this bad boys (anything to distract from revision hey?) I present to you “The Slutty Brownies”! The source of this discovery was yet again, the fabulous blog The Londoner, the same one who brought Mars Bar Melts to my world! You must check out Rosie’s blog, some of my favourite home cooked dishes have been found searching her recipe list.

Below are two pictures from the midnight bake that occurred in our university flat. It basically consists of Oreo cookies squashed into cookie dough and then brownie mixture poured on top! I know what you are thinking, genius idea! Well you would be correct, as these are amazing little slabs of gooey cakey chocolate mess that will bring a smile to anyone’s face that tries them! 

The reason I decided to cook them today was that I was picking up some stuff to take with us and saw out of the corner of my eye, this new Dairy Milk bar that everyone is raving on about. The Dairy Milk with Oreo. The word “Oreo” reminds me of Slutty Brownies every time I hear it now; so off I went to the baking isle and the rest of the shopping list went out the window. 

This time however, I decided to go for a different biscuit instead of the Oreo as I have always wanted to try it with one of my favourites! I am a huge Crunchie fan and I love the Crunchie biscuits and to my amazement they were dropped to £1 a pack at Tesco so I bought two!

1 Pack of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
2 Packs of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
2 Packs of Oreos or Crunchie biscuits or anything else you fancy trying!
1 Egg
30ml Vegetable Oil

Yes that is really all that you need! And a tin lined with greaseproof paper or butter.

So here we go! Rip open those cookie mix bags and empty them into a mixing bowl. Add the required amount of water as stated on the pack, I think it is about 70ml for two bags. Then stir it all up till it becomes thick and sticky!

Here’s a little trick for lining the tin. Get a little bowl of water and keep wetting your fingers whilst you push the cookie dough around the tin, making sure you push it into the corners. Otherwise you will find that the cookie dough starts to stick to your hands, which becomes very frustrating quickly!

Now grab your biscuits, rip open, taste one to make sure they are ok, I had two just to be safe! Arrange however you feel fit and push slightly into the cookie dough. Don’t push all the way through though as you don’t want the bottom of the biscuits to burn on the tin.

Next is the brownie mix, only slightly more complex than the cookies. Empty contents into a bowl and then add 1 egg, 70ml of water and 30ml of vegetable oil. Stir it all together until you get a lovely dark brown cake batter.

Pour the brownie mix into the tray and smooth with a spatula until it reaches the sides of the entire tin. Do not forget to lick the spoon!

You need to bake it for 30 minutes at 160 degrees (fan assisted oven). It should look slightly cracked on top and causing gorgeous smells to waft all through your house. If you want it seriously molten in the middle then you could take it out 5 minutes before hand. Best thing to do is to insert a cake tester or knife and see how runny the mixture is on the inside.

For once mine came out perfectly with ease! Check out that cookie base!

And there’s that delicious brownie top!

Delicious gooey cakiness on the knife, do not lick this though!

Check out that amazing cross section view, three layers of pure indulgence! Cookie, Crunchie and Brownies all rolled into one amazing little slab of goodness!

Best served in large quantities so you can savour the flavour and with a big glass of creamy milk to wash it all down!

These will be a success at any cake sale, market stall, party, gathering or even if like me, you just like something with a big chunk of pure indulgence to pick you up on a gloomy day, these will hit the spot and then some! God bless Betty Crocker and all hail The Slutty Brownies! Now go forth and bake!

If you have a go at these take a picture before you devour them and show us on Twitter! We want to see your creations!


We The Food Snobs x


  • Reply November 14, 2012

    Angie Browning

    Whoah that’s insane! You should be arrested by the chocolate police!! 😉


  • Reply January 10, 2013

    The Londoner

    Good effort! The crunchy ones look awesome x

  • Reply January 10, 2013

    Food Snobs

    Thanks Rosie! Love your blog!

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