Pepper Crescent Bloggers Summit!

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with one of The Cotswolds’ more established and successful food bloggers; Angela from the blog, Dishes Undressed! Angela had managed to catch a glimpse of our review on the Grand Opening of Whole Foods Market Cheltenham on a rare day off in between her busy schedule of successfully marketing Whole Foods Cheltenham and many other business ventures she involves herself with. Like ourselves, Angela was interested to meet other serious foodies in The Cotswolds, with the intention of unearthing the foodie hype that we had experienced in other big cities! Our influences come from London, whereas Angela fell in love with the food scene in Australia, whilst working abroad!! So we decided to do what foodies and bloggers do best, descend on a scrumptious eatery and chat away about all things edible!

The establishment of choice?

Pepper Crescent! A delightful little café that we have been excited to sample after discovering it through a tweet via some of Gloucester Rugby’s big named players. Whilst corresponding with Angela, she also let on that this was one of her favourite hangouts to frequent. Sadly Mark had to be called away from his duties so I made the trip into Cheltenham myself. The café was located in the crescent (see what they did there) behind Cheltenham’s Royal Well Bus Station.

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

As I entered Pepper Crescent I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome from the owner Linda and her team of waitresses. The room was bright, vibrant and already bustling with customers, luckily I had planned ahead and booked a table! I was quickly shown to my seat and handed a menu while I waited for Angela. I gave it a quick scan to find myself a drink and my eyes soon homed in on the “Hot Spiced Apple: A cup of hot pure apple juice with hints of cinnamon and ginger”. Sold! Another house drink I liked the sound of was hot sloe, raspberry and vanilla. Will have to try this next time.

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

Angela arrived and after our initial meet and greet we had a quick chat with Linda about Pepper Crescent and how she had come to create this fabulous little café. It was obvious from our chat that Linda had a passion for local producers and there is a long list of examples in her menu to show you where they source all their ingredients. I tried to dig up some dirt on the Gloucester Rugby boys but she told me that they simply try to accommodate their massive dietary requirements and leave them to chow down. Although, she did say it’s hard for some of the waitresses to keep a straight face when serving them, as they also sell (and no doubt have browsed) the Gloucester Rugby players nudey testimonial calendars haha! Sounds like it’s sure to be a well received purchase for any girlfriends or wives this Christmas guys!

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

The customers were coming in quick and fast now so we didn’t keep Linda from them any longer. The menu was really quite extensive for a café, I was pleasantly surprised! I nearly went for a burger but as I had just had one the night before in London I decided to go for a Toasted Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Ciabatta. Angela opted for the Toasted Tuna with Red Onion and Cheddar Ciabatta. It arrived beautifully presented and oozing with melted brie and cranberry sauce! I could tell this was going to taste great before I had even picked it up! Remembering that I wasn’t with my usual culinary compadré Mark, I had to restrain myself from diving in and tried to execute some kind of table etiquette (hopefully I passed).

The ciabatta was delicious, perfectly toasted with a molten middle of rich flavours from the cheese and sauce. The bacon was cooked perfectly too, nice and crispy, none of that stringy fat nonsense that so many cafés and sandwich producers get wrong. Not being the biggest salad fan I was amazed to find it was covered in a great tasting dressing and was soon left with an empty bowl.

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

Angela looking pleased with her choice!

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

Couldn’t put my hot spiced apple down! Needed a bucket of it! This was so good I have tried recreating it this week, but it isn’t the same sadly!

We The Food Snobs Review Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham

As we finished off our lunch we discussed possible opportunities and ideas to increase the food blogger buzz in The Cotswolds and were interested in extending our invites to any other foodies in the local area. If you run a food blog or just follow them to inspire your cooking or satisfy your passion for food, then get in touch and we can set up another blogger summit! Let us know your favourite establishment for a fine dining experience and then we can hunt it down and gobble and chat away!

Pepper Crescent was a perfect way to kick things off with its modern and trendy feel accompanied by a passion for customer service and creating quality dishes with local produce! It was a joy to eat here and meet Linda who has created a wonderful establishment and a versatile that also provides corporate meeting spaces, catering and even private parties! I am looking forward to my next visit!


We The Food Snobs x

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