PANZO Opens In Exmouth Market

pano exmouth market

PANZO, a brand new contemporary Neapolitan inspired pizza restaurant will be opening its doors in Exmouth Market this autumn. Introducing a unique concept to London, PANZO pizza will be individually sized, made with double cooked lighter dough and topped with the best quality produce, a concept inspired by the Neapolitan panuozzo sandwich, which will also feature on the menu. Founder Anna Skigin has partnered with Eccellenze Campane, the agricultural centre in Naples dedicated to offering only the finest Italian food and drink, to create PANZO.

PANZO’s chefs double cook their dough using ‘lievito madre’ which rises for 26 hours creating a crispy light base, allowing the flavours from the ingredients to take centre stage. From the open pizza kitchen, the Neapolitan chefs will be using the finest, seasonal ingredients to create delights such as; mushroom, mozzarella, goat cheese, stilton, pine nuts with a drizzle of honey; pumpkin, courgette, mozzarella and ham and gorgonzola, raisins & apple will be on the menu. A selection of daily salads and plates of mezzo, serving the best of Italian produce used on the PANZO pizza in its simplest, raw form, expect buffalo mozzarella from Naples, grilled mixed market vegetables, chopped tomato salad and cured meats. Also on the menu will be the panuozzo, a sandwich using charred whole wheat dough from the oven and stuffed with fillings such as tomato and stracchino cheese.

For dessert, a selection of authentic pastries will be served alongside Italian classics such as Tiramisu. A selection of Italy’s finest produce brought by Eccellenze Campane will also be available to buy, including Campane olive oil and sundried tomatoes. Everything to drink will be served on tap including an excellent range of proseccos, beer and wine using eco friendly kegs.

Anna states: ““The inspiration behind the dough came from the panuozzo, a Neapolitan pizza sandwich done by Luca Manzi of the Manzi brothers, considered to be amongst the best artisan makers of panuozzo in Naples. This is the stage at which the idea for PANZO was born. I noticed that so many pizzas in London focus more on the dough over the ingredients and flavours on top. I wanted to create a pizza that wasn’t so heavy without compromising on flavour, concentrating on the ingredients and produce used. Exmouth Market was the perfect location, I love the local vibe, and it’s a true food lover’s paradise.””

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