On the Bab

On The Bab

The Heart and Seoul of Korean Food in London

 The founder of acclaimed Fitzrovia restaurants Koba and Nizuni is set to open On the Bab, a new East London destination set to feed London’s growing Korean food obsession with an authentic experience.

Created with sharing in mind, this popular tradition will see the menu feature anju (drinking food) staples such as soy garlic or sweet spicy Yangnyeom Chicken and Pajeon, (Spring onion Korean pancake with seafood) alongside new creations including Kimchi Arancini – fried kimchi rice balls coated with bread crumbs – served with On the Bab’s secret sauce.

 The main menu will take lead from its name and owner Linda Lee’s personal experience of Korea’s celebrated street cuisine to serve three styles of ‘On the Bab’ dishes. With a choice of Bab (rice), Ra Myun (Korean noodles) or Bbang (steamed buns), each is layered with marinated beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, spicy chicken bulgogi or Korean vegetable fitters and a selection of seasonal vegetables to create the new signature dish.

Topping the drinks menu is soju, a liquor synonymous with Korean culture and all importantly anju. Offered in four varietals including blackberry infused and plum, soju is mixed in expertly made cocktails and On the Bab’s signature drink, the Somaek. The sophisticated Korean cousin of the ‘Jägerbomb’, the Somaek sees a ‘bomb’ of soju dropped into a glass of ice-cold beer to be enjoyed throughout the meal – the perfect way to start the night… or finish it.

On the Bab will be serving lunch and dinner, opening from 11:30am until 11pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday 11:30am to 4pm.

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