Nike Flyknit Experience!

I know this has nothing to do with food and as you know exercising is definitely not an activity that is seen as a high priority on this blog but after a huge weekend of fine food and champagne at a family member’s 90th birthday celebration, I decided a run was in order. I thought, if I was going to be putting my heart rate through the roof I may as well have a bloody good time doing it! So I enlisted the help of my friend and headed down to Somerset House for one of the greatest runs ever. The Nike Flyknit Experience!

I found out about this event through a great site called London Pop-Ups. It’s the place to go to find out all the cool new things happening in London. The Flyknit experience is a celebration of Nike’s latest and greatest creation. It is a trainer made completely out of woven polyester yarn and the coolest thing is that they are steamed to your feet! Yes, that’s right, steamed!

We headed down to Somerset House, which was brimming with people all looking very excited about what was in store for them. Somerset House looked amazing covered in a pink glow and the huge Nike dome taking centre stage.  We checked in and were pleasantly surprised to be given Nike tees and bandanas to wear on the run. We helped ourselves to some pre-run snacks and then quickly browsed the Nike gallery, which had some great exhibits showcasing the shoes through the ages.

We were then ushered towards the Nike dome to get our shoes custom fitted to our feet. After choosing your size and colour, the shoes are then lowered into the steamer for a minute.

Once the steaming process has finished, you then have to quickly put them on and start pressing the fabric around your toes and feet until it has moulded into shape. The result is a trainer that fits like a glove!

I went for the signature shoe that is being used in all the advertising campaigns, hot pink and neon! They were so comfy and I couldn’t believe how well the technology worked.

After everyone was successfully kitted out with their Flyknits, we all went back inside Somerset House to find out how the rest of the night was going to unfold. To our surprise, Hannah England, silver medalist in the World Champs 1500m at Daegu, was here for a Q&A and then planned on joining us for a run around the city!

Once the Q&A was finished, we made our way out to the courtyard for a dynamic warm up and then headed on to the roads! The run was absolutely brilliant! I would love to do it again. The route took us around St.Paul’s, over the bridge towards the Tate, passed the OXO tower, flying down the South Bank and under the London Eye. At one point we were handed giant glowsticks and there were camera crews running everywhere trying to get the best shots of the events. As we ran over the bridge towards the Tate, hundreds of balloons were released to the sounds of The Chemical Brothers pumping through a Nike boom box! Then we suddenly found ourselves running into an underground graffiti tunnel, surrounded by smoke and pink lasers with Bellatrix and Grace Savage beatboxing!

On arrival back at Somerset House we were greeted with champagne, beer, bags of dried fruit and banana waffles drenched in hot chocolate sauce! What more could you want for some post-run refreshments haha! Sadly the shoes had to be given back as this was only a demo evening. I really wanted to keep mine, they were so light and really comfy on the run. The whole evening was a massive success though, I just wish I could do it again.

The Flyknit Experience is in its final day today so if you want to give it a go you best get down there quickly! You won’t regret it!


We The Food Snobs x

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