London Burger Round Up – Part 2!

Welcome back and may I quickly add my apologies for not wishing you all a Happy New Year in the last post, my judgement was obviously still clouded from too much celebrating! I hope the new year has started with a positive bang for you all.

Sadly it has seen the We The Food Snobs team stretch slightly across the country. I have moved to London for work and traded the rolling hills for rumbling undergrounds and have had to leave my compadre Mark holding down the fort in the beautiful Cotswolds. Needless to say we are still as passionate as ever about The Snobs and my eyes are still scouring the twitter feeds to find news of local occurrences and see how friends are progressing in the new year. I hope that my relocation can add some valuable insight to the blog and hopefully bring your attention to some of the wonderful things happening here in the capital. The mission is still the same, sourcing incredible eating experiences that are worthy of The Snobs and more importantly, your attention! So if you want to continue to follow our endeavours in the world of indulgence, stay right where you are and strap yourself in, cause We The Food Snobs is here to stay and the fish pond just got a whole lot bigger!

With that said, lets sink our gnashers into Part 2 of the London Burger Round Up. No bull, just beef! Part 1 praised the accomplishments of Honest Burgers and the big daddy of burger joints, Byron. If you haven’t read it yet, grab some snacks and a comfy seat cause you’re going to be craving a beef injection in no time!

Patty & Bun

The first establishment I have for you today is Patty & Bun, situated in the heart of Soho. This place seems to be the hub of pop-ups and fine dining experiences, I am constantly finding myself coming here. Patty & Bun is easy to spot with its bright red shopfront and logo. Like most pop-ups it is relatively small inside but on this day I was lucky enough to arrive before the queues had formed.

Patty And Bun Shopfront

Points were scored immediately when I was seated and found that San Pellegrino Limonata was on the menu, the classiest canned lemonade in existence if you ask me!

Patty And Bun San Pellegrino

After quenching my thirst I turned my attentions to the menu and was for the first time stumped as to what to pick. I text my friend Patty (yes that’s her real nickname!) to see what she thought. She was distraught that I had dare set foot in the place without her, but did offer up her advice of the Jose Jose Chilli Burger. In all honesty I just wanted to wind her up that I was there haha and finally decided on the Smokey Robinson burger cooked medium-rare with a side of Rosemary Salted Chips.

“Beef Patty, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Mounds Of Caramelised Onions, Bacon, Ketchup, Smokey P&B Mayo, Brioche Bun”

Patty And Bun Menu

The burger arrived wrapped and with a big P&B logo on top, as if it were a stamp of approval. You can see this boy was going to be a messy affair, so yet again I readied the napkins and peeled back the layers to see what was inside.

Patty And Bun Smokey Robinson

And there it is, standing naked in all its glory! Oozing juices, ketchup, P&B smokey mayo and dying to be devoured! Well presented with obvious care taken in the burger building process, this sight was definitely enough to get the tastebuds tingling.

Patty And Bun Smokey Robinson

Although this was an extremely messy burger, the brioche bun handled itself like a pro when it came to keeping everything in check! It didn’t falter whatsoever and managed to hold all the juicy goodness inside without breaking. The smokey P&B mayo and ketchup was the perfect combination to accompany the bacon and beef and I felt the smokey mayo was a great little twist that helped the Smokey Robinson stand out amongst other bacon cheeseburgers. Lastly the salad was crisp and definitely a worthwhile addition, not just a simple filler.

Patty And Bun Smokey Robinson

The guy next to me had ordered the ARI GOLD Cheeseburger and I asked him what he thought. He played it rather cooler than myself and simply said “Yeh, that is a great burger”. Patty & Bun however for me has definitely ranked itself highly on my list as the service, concept and final product were all exceptional. The train home was a long one knowing that it would be a while till I was able to sample another Smokey Robinson! Definitely get down there soon but be careful as you can’t book and this place gets wild in the evening!

Slider Bar

The second half of toady’s round up is The Slider Bar, yet again in the heart of Soho! This is the latest venture by the guys from Lucky Chip. They started out with their trailer business in 2011 and then moved to Bethnal Green. Now they are in Soho and have a great menu incorporating all sorts of burgers and even a pudding that sounds incredible!

For this food adventure I met my sister in Soho after successfully landing my job and so we felt a little celebration was in order. We headed for Slider Bar as I had heard good things on Twitter and was intrigued to find out what the hype was all about.

Slider Bar

Trying to find Slider Bar was harder than we initially thought, it is simply a door under a small sign that leads down to an underground bar, which was buzzing with raucous foodies. Sadly we had arrived when the place was filled to the rafters so had to settle for a mini table and leather poofs to sit on. Also the lunch menu was limited to only some of the range that is available at dinner. However we still managed to choose a great selection for a little lunchtime feast!

I opted for the Bacon Burger (bit of a addiction forming here I think) and my sister went for the slider option, ordering a ROYALE wit Cheese (Pulp Fiction style) and the El Chappo! We also went for a side of Cheese Croquettes with Chipotle Mayo!

Slider Bar Menu

The Bacon Burger arrived looking very pretty indeed with a side of fries, skins and all!

Bacon Burger

Then the cheese croquettes oozing mozzarella accompanied by a big pot of chipotle mayo for dipping!

Cheese Croquettes with Chipotle Mayo

And here’s the mini sliders (I think my sister would appreciate me assuring you these are mini haha although the photo makes them look huge!)

El Chappo and Royale Wit Cheese Sliders

First things first we sampled the cheese croquettes and boy were these good! The mozzarella exploded in your mouth and I think I have to say that chipotle mayo is now one of my favourite sauces. The mix of smokey and spicy mayonnaise was delicious and made the molten globules of cheese even more indulgent!

Eating my Bacon Burger

The bacon burger was very well put together but after my experiences in Patty & Bun only the week before, it seemed to lack a little oomph in comparison.

My sister seemed to have made the better choice as I sampled the El Chappo and the Royale Wit Cheese. The El Chappo was definitely a stand out burger for me. The roasted jalapeños really stoked up the heat and the blue cheese with aioli was a mouth watering mixture that promoted a lot of finger licking! What I will say though is Slider Bar excel when it comes to sauces and dips as their list boasts Garlic Aioli, Cream Soda and Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Wasabi Mayo and Chipotle Mayo.

Having checked out the dinner menu I think I would be interested in visiting the Slider Bar again as there are some interesting sounding inventions that would definitely be worth a try. Here are a few slider options for you to druel over haha:

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Pickles
Smoked Haddock & Pollock Fillet, American Cheese & Tartar Sauce

There was even a duck burger on the specials board which I was really sad to hear was only for the dinner menu as my first encounter with a duck burger was at the Bompas & Parr Mercedes Drive Thru and was insanely good.

And finally the amazing sounding dessert that is the Ice Cream Burger! Vanilla Parfait, Apricot Cheese, Mandarin Mustard & Cherry Ketchup! Two of my favourite foods combined into one, how can this not be anything short of epic?

And that is all for part 2! I have decided that the burger round up will be a three part trilogy so keep your eyes peeled for the final part coming soon. In it I offer up the review of the highly anticipated Real Burger of Cheltenham to see how it stacks up against the titans of industry in The Big Smoke!


We The Food Snobs x

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