Jim Beam Apple

Jim Beam Apple

Now that summer is showing signs of arriving, Jim Beam is celebrating the launch of its latest addition to the family – Jim Beam Apple – with a refreshing summer serve, “Jim Beam Apple Splash”.

With all the pride and heritage of the Beam family’s 220-year history, Jim Beam Apple infuses fine Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with the taste of crisp juicy apples.

Bottled at 35% ABV, Jim Beam Apple has a fresh green apple taste and aroma with undertones of caramel and vanilla and is a golden honey colour. The result: the perfect balance of apple, delicious bourbon, rich American heritage, with a light, juicy twist.

With flavoured bourbons soaring in popularity in the UK, whiskey fans can enjoy another option in the Jim Beam family’s line up of innovative flavoured whiskies, including Jim Beam Honey, Jim Beam Maple, black cherry infused Red Stag and now Jim Beam Apple.

Jim Beam Apple is best enjoyed over ice with tonic water, in the “Jim Beam Apple Splash”, a refreshingly crisp long summer drink.


25ml Jim Beam Apple

50ml Fever Tree tonic water

Lemon wedge or apple slice for garnish

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