Jacob’s Creek #OurTable with Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Jacobs Creek Made By Moments Our Table

Wimbledon is fast approaching and after Murray’s record-breaking fifth win at Queens yesterday, British spirits are high for the Scot to perform on everybody’s favourite grass arena. However, one man who constantly acts as a speed bump in Murray’s quest for silverware is Novak Djokovic, a man who we are delighted to be joining for dinner this week ahead of his own Wimbledon challenge.

We’ll be leaving the racket at home though and together with Jacob’s Creek we will celebrate our perfect pairings of food and wine and the special memories that food can evoke. Hosted by Novak and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner, we’ll be sitting down for an intimate chat about all things food and drink as part of the Jacob’s Creek #OurTable.

So you may be thinking if Jacob’s Creek are bringing the wine, what are we bringing to the table? We’ve been asked to supply the chef with three of our most memorable dishes from our past, which in turn will be matched with the perfect wine pairing. So let’s talk food and see what we’ll be washing it all down with,

Hailing from the West Country, we’ve always had a taste for meat and cheese thanks to the glorious farmlands that can be found in The Cotswolds. It meant that there was an abundance of produce on offer to sample and in particular, we’re huge fans of British Charcuterie & Cheese. Whenever we return home from the capital, there will always be a selection of cured meats and cheese waiting on the table, ready for a night of conversation and storytelling with the family. We usually opt for a Malbec to accompany our tales but we are intrigued to hear that the guys at Jacob’s Creek have picked their Reserve Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir for this dish.

Now for the main, we’ve returned right back to the days of youth, before healthy eating had such a factor in our lives and everyone looked to those wholesome family meals that would keep your hunger away until lunch the next day. It’s the brilliant and somewhat forgotten, Toad In The Hole! This was the number one treat in our house, with sausages from the local farmer engulfed in soft, thick Yorkshire pudding goodness and a good healthy serving of mash and onion gravy. We’ll be gorging on this one with the Jacob’s Creek classic Shiraz!

To finish, it’s probably where our love for cooking and tinkering with recipes began. Nothing will beat a beautiful, light and fluffy Syrup Sponge for us when it comes to memorable puds. This is the first pudding we learnt to make in the kitchen and we’d always be caught adding in extra syrup than the recipe allowed for because in our eyes you just can’t have enough. Serve with a large helping of fresh custard and this case, Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

We can’t wait to see what Novak thinks of our dishes and if you’re wondering what fuels the world champion, check out his video below.

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