Is There Such A Thing As Gour-mail?

The food delivery world has come along way since the introduction of smart phones and delivery apps, more so than ever now that you can order deliveries from your favourite restaurants, which in past years, would simply not have been a possibility. It begs the question then, how have the original delivery guys coped with the new competition and what is the future for said businesses.

Recently, we were asked by Papa John’s to sample something new that they had been working on. Something fresher, a new direction if you may. We can only interpret said direction as an answer to the competition that has been created from the recent influx of restaurant ordering apps, that provides users with new possibilities from their favourite food producers.

So what is this new direction then? On arrival at our door, we were greeted with the same delivery ritual that foregoes all delivery options, no fanfare or special handshake to get 50% off your bill, nothing like that. The big change was what lay under the hood of the pizza box. We were greeted with the new Hawaiian, a step into the world of fresh produce instead of the perfectly formed, production line ingredients that usually adorns most takeaway pizzas. Ham Hock had replaced the plastic ham of old and the smell of fresh juicy Pineapple hit the nostrils with the first hot wafts from beneath the lid. Quite an intriguing play no?

Papa Johns New Hawaiian

Papa Johns New Hawaiian

But how was the taste we hear you ask? This was the head scratcher for us, as to taste individually, the Ham Hock was delicious and surprisingly in big shredded pieces that packed a lot of flavour. The same goes for the Pineapple, it certainly had a far fresher taste, or was it just a placebo? Who knows, but combined with the smell it was working for our senses. However, all this great work it had produced with the changes in toppings hadn’t been replicated with the cheese or the base. Combined as a full ensemble, it still felt like a delivery pizza, not like a gourmet serve that you would order at a restaurant or even some of East London’s finer “by the slice” options that have been championed over the last year.

This left us with one question. Is there such a thing as gour-mail? The new toppings were certainly a great new direction but there is still work to be done. Whether this is due to mass production and scalability, we aren’t the ones to tell you that but it’s intriguing to see a company such as Papa John’s reacting to the food world and taking steps to put themselves above other delivery companies and align with the likes of London’s top pizza shops.

One thing is for sure though, their loyal fan base will certainly be happy when they lift the lid and see the new menu changes. We will watch on with intrigue for sure. Is this the start of a major shift in the Papa John’s way?

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