How We Feasted At Farr Festival

Farr Festival

Farr Festival

As we continue to sample the gastronomic delights summer festivals have to offer, We the Food Snobs made it to Farr Festival in Hertfordshire. With perfect weather and pitched in a forest completely surrounded by miles of golden wheat fields, Farr proved to be the ideal setting for an impressive lineup which included John Talbot, Max Cooper, Hunee, Jeremy Underground and Ben UFO.

Farr Festival

Amongst the excitement of the weekend was of course the food. Few but well chosen food trucks fueled our weekend antics with top notch food. Here are the four things we tired at Farr Festival:


It’s a sign of how far street food has come when a dance festival hosts a crab burger specialist. Being the foodies that we are we couldn’t say no to sampling the most luxurious item on offer. The signature Claw burger is cased in a brioche so delicious we could’ve had it on its own. There was no need to though, as the filling contained ingredients just as fancy as you’d expect from a crab burger specialist. The slaw was upgraded to samphire slaw, mayonnaise was replaced with lemon aioli, and then of course there’s the hand picked crab from Devon. Ticking all the boxes of a stereotypical hipster food truck but marvellous nonetheless.

CLAW Burger Farr Festival

The Cheese Truck

Without a doubt one of our favourite food trucks of the moment, we’ve been sampling The Cheese Truck’s perfect grilled cheese at various festivals this summer and once again they did not disappoint. What more could you want than a hunk of melted stilton with bacon, oozing between thick crisp slices? Overly indulgent but too good to resist.

The Cheese Truck Farr Festival

Goodness Gracious Healthy Food

Not our usual choice, but this was by far the most popular food stand at the festival judging by the queues. Was this more to do with the current health food fad or the actual quality of the food? We tried their tofu burger and surprisingly worked well at a festival. We’d never think of doing “healthy” at a festival but their burger – a lovely mixture of grains and nuts bound with tofu served in a wholemeal roll – was great, and the accompanying salad was all lollo rosso, green oak leaf and a heap of other super foods; no iceberg lettuce here. Definitely one to try when in need of some nourishment at a festival.

Made of Dough

When Hunee keeps you dancing to the early hours, there’s the need to carb-load the next day and what better than pizza. Ran by two young London guys making proper Napolitan pizza, Made of Dough usually operates at Pop Brixton and have transported their kitchen in a snazzy Land Rover defender to the fields of Hertfordshire. It’s all about the dough here, pillowy soft and deep in flavour; the perfect base for the brindisa chorizo, piquollo peppers and fior di latte – our choice of pizza.


We The Food Snobs x

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