Dining In Multicolour At The House Of Peroni

If you haven’t heard of the The House Of Peroni already, where have you been!? I wrote about the Italian themed pop up in November last year and now it has returned once again for the month of May. So for those of you that haven’t been paying attention, it’s four floors of Italian contemporary design based in a townhouse in Holborn. Last week they opened their doors for a rather special treat called Dining In Multicolour. The inspiration behind the evening was the year 1963 and the introduction of PolaroidTM’s iconic self-developing, colour film, which changed how we took photos. Photography was thrust at the forefront of culture. It brought to life the creative industries of Italian fashion, design, art and film known for their vivid colours, prints and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes.

So how does this idea transform into a dining experience for twelve I hear you ask? Rather creatively is the answer. The menu was named RGB after the colour model that stands for Red, Green and Blue. The tech-heads among you will realise that this model is for the sensing, representation and display of images in electronic systems, such as televisions and computers, as well as contemporary photography. The menu was therefore tiered to match, with the starter being Red, main being Green and the dessert being Blue; and all delivered to a banqueting table staged in a room of multicolour. That’s not all though. The colour coded creations were accompanied by an innovative drink, complimenting the dishes, both in taste and colour!

Checkout the delicious dishes below with extracts from the menu explaining the reasoning behind the colourful concoctions that were paired with the dishes.

Dining in Multicolour 1


Half a vivid red lobster is served alongside a bloodshot quinoa salad. The salad is infused with a roasted red pepper reduction and drizzled with almond breadcrumbs. The dish is finished off with delicate, hand crafted, rosy-red edible flowers strewn over the plate.


Made as an accompaniment to The Restaurant’s Octopus Salad, the Peppino complements the dish’s flavours with ingredients like lemon and parsley leaves that bring out the salad’s fresh and zesty tones. Added to the drink is a dash of red pepper juice that mimics the colour of the ‘nduja dressing finishing off the dish. 

Dining in Multicolour 3


Handmade tagliolini is served partly dusted with a traditional spinach seasoning. Complementing the fine strands of pasta is trickled an intense green pesto sauce. Finishing off the dish are sautéed fresh asparagus topped with delicate, salted caviar. 


Genova was the town where The SS Rex was built. This boat went on to win The Nastro Azzurro Trophy race that inspired Carlo Peroni to make Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Genova is also where one of Italy’s most famous sauces is made, ‘Il Pesto Alla Genovese’. It’s then of no surprise that basil is centre-stage in this historical drink’s blend of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Prosecco, elderflower and peach puree. 

Dining in Multicolour 4


A twist on the popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert this traditional Tiramisu, made with a dusty blue mascarpone cream and topped off with blueberries and showered with Curaçao liqueur. 


A dessert in itself, the Mareblu is a sweet but simple drink featuring vodka, Blue Curaçao and a little lime juice. This mixture is then shaken and strained before it’s topped off with a splash of Peroni Nastro Azzurro. The citrus counteracts the creamy feel of the dish while the Blue Curaçao brings out the tang of the blueberries. 

Dining in Multicolour 2
I think you will all agree it is quite a creative and original concept for a menu but one reminiscent of the events that The House Of Peroni are becoming famous for, much like the Italian Supper Club I sampled in November last year. There are some really inventive ideas being brought to life inside the house and if you are inspired by what you have seen, you should definitely head over to catch a glimpse for yourself. Dining In Multicolour will also be occurring again, the next available seating is May 17th and you can book tickets through the events page here. Be quick though as it’s very popular and for good reason. As always, if you do manage to secure a ticket, be sure to let We The Food Snobs know about it. We want to see your pictures, so get snapping and get tweeting @WeTheFoodSnobs


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