Getting into the spirit of collaboration with Jameson Caskmates


When we received an email from Jameson Whiskey inviting us to celebrate London Beer Week, we were instantly intrigued. A whisky brand, backing craft beer? There had to be a story behind this. And there was – the story of Jameson Caskmates, their latest Irish whiskey offering.

The story of Caskmates is this: Neighbouring the Jameson factory is a small independent brewery called Franciscan Well. The team from each business drink in the same pub after work, and one evening Franciscan Well’s head brewer asked the Jameson’s Master Distiller if he might be able to borrow a few whiskey barrels to age their stout in. After some discussion, the Jameson team obliged, and ended up ageing some of their own whiskey in the now-stouted barrels.

The result: A new, Jameson whiskey-infused stout, and a new, Franciscan Well stout-infused Jameson whisky. Both are totally scrummy uniquely characterful.

To introduce its new whisky, Jameson teamed up with the Hiver Brewery and Disappearing Dining Club to host an immersive evening of food, drink and entertainment centred around the concept of the new whiskey, which is all about collaboration and unconventional pairings. The Hiver Brewery – which opened its doors publically for the first time to host the evening – is a great example of this, borne out of the founders’ mutual appreciation for London’s craft beers and London’s urban beekeepers.


Jameson Caskmates is best enjoyed as a boilermaker – served as a shot alongside a beer. By taking alternative sips of each, you’ll unlock new flavours in both the beer and the whiskey. Pick up a bottle from The Whisky Exchange and try it for yourself.



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