Gaucho Winter Menu

Charlotte (9)

A couple of Mondays ago we were invited down to Charlotte Street’s Argentinean outpost to sample their new winter menu and, well, we could hardly say no, could we?

Sausage Platter

Here at We The Food Snobs we go hard or go home, and there was no question of pacing ourselves as we went in head first with the Six-Sausage Platter. Chorizo, Pork & Fennel, Beef with Olives & Capers…it’s hard to say which one we preferred more; the Chicken & Piquillo Pepper was an interesting change to the usual barbecue banger, though. If you fancy a taste of all six though, be warned: either come armed with a big appetite or a big group! We also gave the Pan-Fried Scallops a try, too; not bad but truth be told it was always the meat we were here for.

While we were there to sample the new editions to Gaucho’s winter menu, we couldn’t resist going for customary steak as one of our mains; we had eyes bigger than our belly and plumped (or rumped?) for the Trio Of Medallions – Lomo (Fillet), Ancho (Rib-Eye) and Lomito Cuadril (Rump). The meat was excellent – you’d expect nothing less from the Argentinean steak specialists, after all – and the Béarnaise Sauce we chose to accompany was rich and creamy; we could have done with an extra portion to soak up the huge thick cut chips, though.

Confit Belly of Pork

As our second main we stuck to the new winter editions and chose Confit Belly Of Pork, which came with Pumpkin Puree, Onions & Buttered Cabbage. If we’re honest, we preferred this dish to Gaucho’s signature steak; it really was melt-in-your-mouth fantastic; beautifully soft and succulent and made all the better with the crispy crackling, too. It was all washed down with an authentic Argentinean Malbec from Gaucho’s own vineyard, which proved a perfectly light accompaniment to the hearty food on offer.

Dulche de Leche Cheesecake

You’d have thought all of that would be enough to feed an army, let alone two diners, but we found ourselves ordering Dulce de Leche Cheescake and Sticky Toffee Pudding with partnering dessert wines. The sticky toffee pudding, in particular, was just what the doctor ordered after two massive courses, but regardless – they were so delicious that we still managed to send back two empty plates.

The Gaucho’s trademark Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen-style cow chic interior may not be to everyone’s taste (you do steaks, we get it) but if we’ve learnt anything from our Monday excursion, it’s that you’re never going to go far wrong with anything you choose from the menu.

It’s not the cheapest eat in London for sure (if you’re looking for great Argentinean steak on a budget you won’t beat Broadway Market’s Buen Ayre), but you certainly get what you pay for and, having sampled a couple of the winter editions, you definitely shouldn’t be afraid to deviate from the traditional steak route.

Now next time Sir Bob asks us why he doesn’t like Mondays, we’ll know – it’s because you didn’t go to Gaucho for dinner, Bob!


We The Food Snobs x

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