Ember Yard & Vivek Singh

Ember Yard Vivek Singh

Out of the thousands of restaurants in London, there are a select few, that when something new is happening, our ears prick up. Ember Yard and Cinnamon Kitchen are two of those restaurants. So when we heard that the head chef of Cinnamon Kitchen was making a guest appearance at Ember Yard, we had to be there.

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Vivek Singh is best known for his three restaurants in the Cinnamon chain – Cinnamon Kitchen, Cinnamon Club and Cinnamon Soho. A brilliant Chef, who is becoming more and more prominent on the London restaurant scene, making it no surprise when we saw him cooking on James Martin’s ‘Saturday Kitchen’ recently.

With our previous feasts at Cinnamon Club and Ember Yard we couldn’t wait to begin.

We started off with the Bar snacks while we enjoyed the early evening buzz and Ember Yard’s intimate atmosphere, mulling over the rest of the menu. Layered over the top of the usual fragrant charcoal smell seeping from the kitchen, came a wave of delicious Indian aromas.

Ember Yard Vivek Singh

First to come out of the kitchen was the Steamed Chickpea Cake and Crisp Wheat Cracker with Tamarind, Yoghurt and Coriander Chutney. This was rich and tasty and we quickly devoured the entire plate. Second up was the Punjabi Spiced Whitebait with Mustard Mayonnaise. A taste of the sea mixed with traditional Indian spices, produced a fantastic little snack.

Both were a great way to commence the meal and both delicately spiced and prepared, but delivering on taste and presentation.

Ravenous for more delicious food we moved on to the small plates. Priced at around £6-9 these plates were ideal for 2 people sharing.

We started with the Kerala Spiced Sea Bream in Banana Leaf with Coconut Chutney and Lemon Rice. The Bream was fresh and sumptuous and went together with the coconut perfectly. Presented on a Banana leaf, Vivek’s style was shining through in his food.

Tandoori Spiced Grilled Chicken Thighs with Rajasthani Corn Sauce was fragrant and comforting. The chicken was perfectly tender and the whole dish was gone before we knew it.

The Grilled Lamb Escalopes in Black Spices was a feast for the eyes, beautifully presented and served with luxurious Smoked Paprika Raita and vibrant fresh Caper Kachumber. The lamb was served pink and beautifully tender, melting away as soon as it touched the palate.

Chargrilled Aubergine with Sesame Tamarind Glaze and Peanut Crumble, Garlic, Ginger and Lime Raita was both humble and stunning, a marriage of flavours and textures with rich buttery aubergine meeting crisp aromatic crumb.

To finish, we were treated to the Carrot Halwa Spring Roll with Clove Ice Cream. The best way to describe this would be an exotic, Indian-style Apple strudel. Gorgeous flavours and very moreish, this was the perfect way to end a fantastic meal.

The menu truly showcased Mr Singh’s culinary genius and eye for detail. Ember Yard once again providing the perfect setting for another fantastic one off experience.

To find out more about Vivek’s Cinnamon restaurants please visit http://www.viveksingh.co.uk/restaurants/.

Voted 2nd best restaurant in London by Timeout Magazine, Ember Yard is a place to see and be seen. Further details about the restaurant can be found at http://emberyard.co.uk/ Their next guest nights:

26th October – James Ferguson (Beagle/Rochelle Canteen) takeover at Ember Yard
23rd November – Martin Morales (Ceviche/Andina) takeover at Ember Yard

Take it from us, these are not to be missed!


We The Food Snobs x

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