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Happy New Year all and welcome back!

Whilst we were on our festive break, we were given the challenge of living on Deliveroo for a week. Now we all know that it’s hard to switch from your number one takeout but we’re lucky enough to be in the heart of East London and the restaurant options are pretty diverse. Therefore it made choosing a little easier.

Sit back and let us take you on a journey through our week of Deliveroo and give you some inspiration for your next order. What will proceed is a kind of foodie version of Craig David’s legendary song, 7 Days but with added foodporn filth.


With the festive season in full swing, it was obvious we hadn’t quite come down from our weekend vibes and we hit up Byron for a naughty Monday night festive feasting with the brilliant Cheesemas Burger. Not wanting to be defeated we opted to go fully loaded with a healthy dollop of molten mac atop the juicy patties! You always know what you’re going to get with Byron and with an addition of Fries and Mac’n’Cheese, it was always going to be a winner.

Byron Deliveroo We The Food Snobs


Tuesday was a bit more reserved with regards to calorie levels. Located in Canary Wharf, Simply Duck is a great spot for a healthier offering of noodles, salads and gyoza. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on duck so if you’re not a fan of this specific bird, it’s probably not for you. We on the other hand, love that unique taste and it’s perfect for pairing with sweet potato, quinoa, baby leaves, glass noodles and a touch of soy dressing.


What makes for a Happy Hump Day? Our favourite Korean that’s what! On The Bab always hits the spot, whether you’re looking at the Yang Yum Chicken with spicy sauce the beautiful pillow soft hirata buns filled with Bulgogi Beef. Perfect for a mid-week pick me up.


Being big fans of sushi we thought we’d change things up and bring in the goods from one of our favourites based in Canary Wharf. Sticks’n’Sushi is one of our favourites for a chilled weekend spot that isn’t too indulgent and with delivery only a few taps away it means you don’t have to brave the winter winds to get your fishy fix. Our top picks have to be the Crab Croquettes with Wasabi, Jerusalem Artichoke with Misi Aioli and the New York Subway Koburimaki, which consists of Tempura Shrimp,
Avocado, Spicy Sauce, Salmon & Garlic. The menu is massive, so you can always add in a few extras if your friends come over for a light feasting.

SticksnSushi We The Food Snobs Deliveroo


Week is done and you’ve been pretty well behaved, so why not celebrate hey? Do it Snobs style with a fine slab of beautifully tended to Argentinian steak from the brilliant guys at Gaucho. When we first opted for Gaucho, we were concerned that steak might not handle the delivery procedure but luckily enough Gaucho takes their packaging seriously and it all arrived piping hot and perfectly seasoned. Fillet medallions and 400g are juicy rump made for a bountiful feast for two, helped along with a Rocket & Provolone Salad and Triple Cooked Chips dipped in Blue Cheese Sauce.

Gaucho We The Food Snobs Deliveroo


Saturdays are busy days for WeTheFoodSnobs, rising early to snap the city before the crowds descend and eventually falling head first into the sofa after the sun goes down. This was no exception with last minute Christmas shopping and documenting those beautiful blue skied winter mornings we were so lucky to witness at the end of 2016. To get the body back up to room temp we opted for a local curry house to source sustenance and spice. Indiana was a great find, with a hot Kalimirch Aur Methiwalla Murgh! Quite the mouthful to say but easy on the lips if you can handle your spice. Paired with a Cheese & Herb Naan, Poppadums and an ice cold one from the fridge, it was a perfect night in.


To top off the week we were actually outside the city centre and hitting the ski slope in Hemel for some pre-season touch ups before we head out to the mountains later this year. A couple hours skiing is always a great way to build the appetite and luckily Deliveroo is available outside the city limits. The offering isn’t as diverse obviously, with a lot of the available vendors being the high street chains but when you’re feasting with the family, Zizzi does asterling job. Soul Breads with Garlic Butter and a giant Rustica Piccante pizza with added Nduja gave a nice kick, just what we needed to refuel.

And that’s how you do a week of Deliveroo! Full of variety, flavour and when you want it, deliciously indulgent dishes created by your favourite restaurants.

Let us know your favourite spots and if there’s anything else we should have sampled!


We The Food Snobs x

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