Creme Egg Doughnuts

A couple of days ago, a recipe caused a little bit of a stir on Twitter. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was definitely worth a  bit of experimenting with. The recipe in question was one for Creme Egg Doughnuts! Yes, that is right, some genius somewhere had the brilliant idea of chucking a Creme Egg inside of a doughnut!

Creme Egg Doughnuts

So when the weekend arrived, I made this my priority and hurried off to Waitrose and jumped straight into the kitchen.


6 Creme Eggs (placed in the freezer 4 hours before cooking to make sure the eggs don’t melt when cooking)

500g Waitrose Bread Mix

Vegetable Oil

Caster Sugar or Powdered Sugar

So if you weren’t convinced before reading the ingredients list, you surely will be now! This has to be one of the easiest recipes you will ever cook and with that, one of the most indulgent too!

First step, take your Waitrose bread mix and pour the complete contents into a mixing bowl. Add 320ml of water and mix until you have a big ball of dough. Leave for 5 minutes while you prepare a wok or large frying pan with oil, 15-20ml deep. The oil should be really hot for the doughnuts, so be careful when you do place them in.

Unwrap all the eggs and roll them up in a thin layer of bread mix, making sure to seal them securely. If you make the doughnuts too thick the bread mix will take too long to cook and you’ll end up with raw mixture inside. A problem I learnt the hard way!

Creme Egg Doughnuts

Once you’ve got them all ready to go, drop them into the oil and watch them transform into the golden balls we all know and love!

Creme Egg Doughnuts

Keep turning to make sure they are cooked through, I found 2-3 minutes does the trick.

Creme Egg Doughnuts

Fresh from the oil take your doughnuts and drop them in a bowl of caster sugar or powdered sugar if you can find it. Be sure to roll them around and get them covered.

Creme Egg Doughnuts

Finally, dig in! Slice that beauty in half and see the Creme Egg in all it’s glory, molten and gooey, ready for devouring!

Creme Egg Doughnuts

And that’s all there is to it. The Creme Egg Doughnut, a truly indulgent treat, created for the laziest of chefs haha! A must try for any comfort food fanatics! Get in your kitchens and tweet me some pics of your own Doughtnuts, maybe mix it up and try other eggs. I might head out and get myself some Mars eggs for the next batch, it’s got to be a guaranteed success right?


We The Food Snobs x

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