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Chinese Laundry Islington

Chinese Laundry, the critically acclaimed 1980s inspired Chinese restaurant on Upper Street, Islington, has introduced a selection of new dinner menu dishes for spring 2016. Available from tomorrow, Tuesday 12th April.

Owners Peiran Gong and Tongtong Ren, both also chefs at the restaurant, opened Chinese Laundry in November last year, offering London’s first all-day Chinese breakfast/brunch alongside a separate dinner menu paying homage to dishes best remembered from their childhoods. Both were very much involved in food from an early age; Peiran, having grown up in a coastal town in North East China, was taught by her father to fish and forage ingredients which gave her a firm grasp on the importance of fresh, locally sourced food. Whilst Tongtong was taught traditional Chinese cooking skills by her parents, and this combined with her interest in preserving food via curing, smoking, pickling and fermenting methods has allowed the pair to create a menu using the best of British ingredients, that is both innovative and original to the London dining scene.

Highlights on the all-day breakfast/brunch menu at Chinese Laundry, served from Friday to Sunday, include ‘Cong you bing’ – Peiran and Tongtong’s take on a beloved breakfast classic in China – a crispy scallion pancake, served with a fried egg, bacon and spicy red pepper sauce (£5.50), and ‘Egg hug dumplings’ – a pork dumpling omelette (£9.50). The dinner menu, served Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm, includes firm favourites such as ‘Shao Yang Rou’ – twice cooked lamb belly, braised in spring onion and medicinal Chinese spices (£12.50) and ‘Sweet Basil Chicken Popcorn’ (£7.50).

Maintaining the focus on authentic Chinese food with a fun twist, further new dinner menu dishes include traditional Chinese drinking snacks such as Street Style Carcass – chicken carcass marinated in spicy sauce, deep fried and coated with Sichuan rub (£2.70), while additions to the main course include Stir fried aubergine with pulled hot smoked salmon (£8.50) and Ma Po clams and tofu (£11) – a twist on a traditional dish which includes soft tofu, clams and house made Ma Po sauce.

Drinks served from the cocktail bar at Chinese Laundry focus on the popular Chinese spirit, Baiju; a traditional liquor which traces back 5,000 years and is distilled from fermented sorghum. The spirit is available to drink in various infused flavours, on its own or within a cocktail. A small but well-crafted wine list is also available to drink by the glass or bottle.

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