Celebrating Excellence In The Humble Takeaway

Thanks to the Silicon Valley syndrome, the world of the humble takeaway has vastly improved since the days of crappy kebabs after a night on the town. So much so that there are now even awards for those that excel in providing their local communities with superior cuisine for Friday night fodder or just those evenings when the fridge is looking a little bleak and the sofa is far more accommodating.

We’ve partnered with the British Takeaway Awards to shine a spotlight on the awards and our nomination for our favourite London takeaway spot. With that, it got us thinking. Thanks to delivery apps, it is now possible to have your favourite restaurants at your door in just a few taps of your smartphone.

There are now more choices than ever to choose from when you’re feeling peckish but lacking that inspiration to get behind the hobs at home, whether you’re looking for Pizza, Pasta, Sushi, Mexican, Burgers and even healthier options that would have been unheard of just over a year ago.

We’re not too proud to say that we are always open to a little dabbling in the delivery dinner department when it’s called for and although we like to mix it up. There’s always one guy that we find hard to overlook though and that’s our good friend Burger Bear. He’s a huge hit in the London burger scene and for very good reason. He serves his patties perfectly seasoned and beautifully pink, plus who can overlook that insane bacon jam he dollops on the top!


We’ve known Tom (Burger Bear) for a while now, having travelled with him to New York to help spread his bacon jam love to the people of The Big Apple and we never tire of it. He first started his journey on the street food markets of London, bringing kick-ass burgers and disco beats to the hungry public, before opening Stokey Bears in Stoke Newington and taking residency at The Old Nun’s Head in Peckham. It’s his superior flavours and larger than life, infectious personality that holds Burger Bear as our top spot for takeaways in East London.

However, if we’re not feeling burgers, here’s a few other local East London heroes that we love to frequent for sustenance:-

The Pizza Room in Bow, for simple fire-baked sourdough pizzas with exquisite toppings such as our favourite, Nduja (spicy sausage paste), Pancetta, Scamorza Affumicata & Chilli Oil.

Or Mile End’s Rusty Bike for refreshing Thai flavours, including the Massaman Curry or the Stir Fried Chilli Lamb with Wild Ginger Root, Peppercorns, Fresh Chillies, Basil Leaves, Aubergine, Green Beans and Red Peppers.

To vote for your favourite, simply head to www.thebtas.co.uk, where you can nominate your top spots for each cuisine that you love to chow down on when the going gets tough in the kitchen department. We want to hear what you think and find some of your hidden gems that you think we ought to check out. So do your local heroes proud and put pen to paper now!


We The Food Snobs x

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