Burger And Lobester – Old Bailey

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

This week the snobs ventured down to the City to check out Burger & Lobster’s latest outpost at the Old Bailey. Nestled under the famous court and a stone’s throw from The City and Farringdon, the booths at the new venue are packed with an eclectic mix of bankers, barristers and bespectacled creative-types. Your entrance to the new B&L is almost a rite of passage, greeted as you are with a tank full of your soon-to-be-dinner.  Can you look them in the eye and still want them between a buttery brioche bun? Then step right this way, sir!

By now everyone’s pretty familiar with the deal: come armed with a crisp £20 note and you can have your choice of a burger, lobster, or lobster roll. So long as you’re not dining on your lonesome, you can meet an easy compromise and share two of them, if you’re undecided.

At the Old Bailey B&L have thrown a new choice into the mix: add a tenner to that crisp twenty, and you can indulge in a burger, half a lobster roll AND a pudding.

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

Of course, being gluttonous snobs, we plumped for the £30 option. The burger comes with all the trimmings of cheese and bacon; it’s messy, it’s juicy, and it’s delicious. The salad that comes with it – dowsed in parmesan and red onion – is weirdly almost (only almost) as tasty.

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

The roll was a handful of buttery goodness; where many places might scrimp on the lobster and fill with added lettuce, at B&L there’s plenty of meat to feast on, and the classic sauce gives the whole thing a unique zing.

Burger And Lobster Old Bailey

The puddings at B&L were unchartered territory for us; we had a choice of lemon cheesecake (our favourite) and tiramisu. They were simple and fairly rustic, but no less tasty for it. That being said, after a whole burger and half a lobster roll, you could argue it was a course too far!

It’s hard to fault the Burger & Lobster blueprint; it’s simple, easy dining packed full of flavour. You know what you’re going to get, and what you get is always great. All we’d say is come armed with a strong will and an empty stomach; the guilt of seeing your chums in the tank taken away is totally worth it in the end…!

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  • Reply December 17, 2015

    The Purley Girly

    I’m trying out B&L for the first time over Christmas and can’t wait. It looks delicious!

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