BIRD Restaurant Christmas

BIRD, the free-range and fried chicken specialists, has added a new seasonal special to its signature burger menu, which incorporates all of the components of a Christmas dinner into a burger.

Available from November 17th to January 3rd, the ‘Christmas dinner in a burger’ is a towering tribute to the festive season, consisting of cranberry-glazed crispy-fried chicken, layered with sage and onion stuffing, and panko-crusted fried brie. The Christmas delight will be topped with a bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper – a spicy alternative to pigs in blankets – and accompanied with a crunchy side portion of freshly-made parsnip crisps.

BIRD specialises in cooking fried chicken with a strong focus on quality, freshness and provenance – a formula that has proven popular amongst Londoners since it first launched in Shoreditch last year and more recently, it’s second site in Islington last month.

The ‘Christmas dinner in a burger’ is available at both BIRD Shoreditch and BIRD Islington.

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