An Invitation to Taste Krug Champagnes in A Unique Way

Krug 2002 Vintage Lauches

Joseph Krug believed that Champagne is an experience of pleasure above all else. The joy in savouring a masterfully crafted Champagne, like listening to a beautiful piece of music, allows one to travel down direct pathways to the emotions. Doing so together reinforces the power of each to move the soul. The House has long intuited that the common link between the two is forged in pleasure. But recent findings by Oxford University have found that the relationship between sound and the palate is backed up by scientific principles. What we hear materially influences how we taste.

Krug 2002 Vintage Lauches

It is in this spirit and with this understanding that the House of Krug has developed a unique endeavour: Krug Music Pairings. By associating music with its Champagnes, the House continues its quest to enhance the tasting of Krug Champagnes while discovering new, unknown tasting dimensions.

Each year the House invites selected musicians in whose standards of excellence it feels a kinship to an extended tasting of its seven different Champagnes. Inspired by what they taste, these artists select a special playlist custom-tailored to reflect what they felt and how they connected to the experience of Krug Champagnes. These selections will enhance Champagne lovers’ tasting of Krug Champagnes, too, taking it to another dimension.

“When I think of who Krug Lovers are,” says Olivier Krug, Director of the House of Krug and sixth generation of the Krug family, “I see that they are independent people, with unique personalities and strong self-confidence. They are lovers of contrast and paradox, seeking enjoyment. They want an unforgettable experience, pleasure beyond perfection.”

Krug 2002 Vintage Lauches

This year, coinciding with the release of Krug 2002, the House is honoured to partner with the singer and Krug Lover Gregory Porter. A baritone with a soaring reach, the New York-based Porter is best known as a jazz singer, though his music crosses into soul, funk and other genres. His most recent release, Liquid Spirit, his first on the seminal jazz label Blue Note, is an exemplar of both technical mastery and emotional generosity.

As an innovator, Porter shares much with the House of Krug. He is scrupulous in his work, but always guided by inspiration. Porter’s passions and emotions dictate his direction. “Balance and emotion are very important for me in music,” he says, “and I can see that correlation in Krug Champagnes.”

“Krug Champagne conveys its own emotions, like music,” Porter continues. “Upon tasting Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug 2002, two things happened: one in my brain and one in my heart. Different notes came to my tongue, notes that were like colours, and emotions.”

For Porter, the musical association with Krug Grande Cuvée was immediate. “I felt joy, pleasure and wisdom,” he says. “The energy in the Champagne felt exactly like my song ‘Liquid Spirit,’” the title track of his latest album, which he selected as his Krug Music Pairing for Krug Grande Cuvée. “That song is about the energy of passion, emotion and creativity. It’s the same energy contained in that bottle. To me, it’s a number one hit!”

In Krug 2002, “I found a reflection of its perfect balance, symmetry and elegance in my song ‘No Love Dying.’ In that song I tried to create a perfect balance of piano, bass and drums, where no element overpowered the other, and that same elegant balance is in Krug 2002. The experience of drinking it is serene.”
Champagne lovers the world over can share in Porter’s journey by listening his playlist, as well as any of the other Krug Music Pairings, via the Krug App and

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